If you'd like to be notified when we're back up and running please view one of the options below. Again this tutorial talks about the basics of interacting with your Android device, particularly one with the Google Lollipop OS version. Enjoy the customized look and function of your Android keyboard in Google Lollipop version. Luckily, there’s actually a quick and easy way to change business hours for special occasions (like public holidays, early closing on particular days or perhaps just altering your working hours to accomodate school holidays).
When you’re done setting your special hours, tap Save in the top right-hand corner of the “Edit special hours” screen. Now when someone searches for your business, your listing will come up as closed for that particular day. So, even if your opening hours will be the same on Monday 25 April as every other Monday, make sure you enter them as special hours, so Google won’t wrongly warn users.
Get easy to understand articles on getting your local business found online - straight to your in-box. Just about anybody who owns a computer and  regularly surfs the internet  is familiar with Google’s logo.

One of the most popular and enjoyed logos was the one created for the 30th anniversary of the Pac-Man. 1) Follow this link to install Greasemonkey, a popular Firefox add on that uses JavaScript. Google maps is a great application, courtesy of Google, that allows users to see the world in ways never imagined before.
Also, the keyboard customization we’re going to talk about here is the Android keyboard and not the third party kind.
If some special hours already exist for your listing, tap your existing hours beside the special hours icon . You can also select “Open 24 hours” if your business is open all day, or “Closed” if your business is closed all day. And the change is almost immediate, at the most it may take 24 hours to update the information. This logo is a perfect example of astute marketing strategies crafted by corporations so to help customers identify a business. If you happen to find one you are particularly fond of, you can turn it into your default logo by following some easy to follow instructions.

Consider that some Google Doodles my be missing from the gallery due to licensing restrictions. You can also enable Google voice typing if ever you feel like dictating instead of tapping words. Maybe you’ll actually be changing it up a little and opening early to catch the post-Dawn Service crowd? So, go ahead, advertise your changed business hours on Google search and Maps quickly, easily and simply.
Google’s current logo introduced in May of 2010, was designed by Ruth Kedar, however, every once in a while, users may notice modifications in honor of special events, holidays, or  to mark the birthdays of famous people across the glob.

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