However for the other 90%+ of the world population this could save you some serious money by taking advantage of price discrepancies between different countries. Now our savings are OVER $10 from the original local book stores price, a total saving of over 50%! Now of course you are going to need to get a UK and US IP address to take and while you could do this for free with an open proxy I implore you not to do this!
Do always remember to check both the UK and US sites, more often than not the US one is the cheaper of the two. For those who of you who want to get this great book just click below, though remember to use a UK IP address from Identity Cloaker if you want it for the best possible price!
Once you can get into the Cups browser interface, Click on the Printers tab which will show you the complete list of all of the printers configured on your Mac.

Next, you should see a screen where you can type in the new connection string or URI, including the ip address that you wish to change to.
Clicking the Continue button takes you to the next page where you can change some of the text fields for your printer such as Description and Location and decide if you want to share the printer or not. Clicking the continue button takes you on to the next page where you can choose to keep the current print driver or use a different one. Jeff has 20 years of professional IT experience, having done nearly everything in his roles of IT consultant, Systems Integrator, Systems Engineer, CNOC Engineer, Systems Administrator, Network Systems Administrator, and IT Director. With nearly every resource a business uses these days being served through a browser, every application is now a URL.
I mentioned in another article (Speed Up Your Webpage with Varnish) some of the benefits of Varnish Cache.

If you live in the USA or the UK then you can pretty much ignore this post as you will have access to the best discount books anyway. It provides excellent caching and proxying which can provide a nice performance boost for your website.
Well you are making a purchase here and you should never ever send your payment details via an open proxy, many such free proxies are purposely built just to harvest payment details from people who use them. To be secure you need to use a private proxy service such as our ever favourite Identity Cloaker, which gives you not only UK and US servers but multiple servers all around the world!

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