If you have a Internet connection with a Dynamic IP ( Usually most ISP’s provide dynamic IP addresses ) , then Resetting your router or modem will be the easiest method to change the IP address of your PC . This method can be very useful for bypassing the download limits on certain file sharing sites with a hourly download limit .
Windows allows users to manually change the Ip address of any LAN connected to your PC from the windows control panel .
Note: This method will only work if your PC is being assigned an external IP , not your router . Step 2: Under active networks click on your current connection to bring up the LAN connection status window and click on properties .
Step 4: Select use the following IP addresses , enter an IP address of your choice and press the TAB to populate Subnet mask field .
When you are using a proxy server , you are actually surfing the internet using the Proxy servers IP address .

Most corporate business use VPN because of their highly anonymous and secure process of transmitting data across various networks . The VPN program or software provided by your VPN service provider will automatically change the IP address of your PC . Using the Control panel you can manually define an IP address for your PC , which will be very useful for connecting your PC with multiple devices to share files and folders .
Most cable internet services do not require a router or modem , in that case this method will work . If you are connecting your modem to a router, then your default gateway will be the router IP address. Not only this method changes the IP address of your computer but at the same time it enables you to surf anonymously on the internet . Nowadays VPN”s have become very affordable and a monthly subscription for a good VPN service will cost you around 5$ or less .

Further you will also be allowed to choose from different IP addressed located across the globe . If your PC is getting the Public IP then you can follow the instructions below to change the IP address of your PC . He loves to tinker around with his gadgets and when he find something new and exciting, he shares it with you on this blog.

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