Changing the carrier name from an unlocked iPhone's status bar has been possible to do ever since Cydia released Zeppelin earlier this year.
If you like to preserve your baseband before restoring or avoid doing any full restore, use this tutorial or this one.
The iPhone 6s is on sale in the UK, and we've spent a lot of time with the smartphone to bring you our review, discussing the new 3D Touch features, the Rose Gold model, Live Photos and more. As expected, the design of the iPhone 6s is essentially the same as the iPhone 6, but there are a few slight changes, as well as a brand new colour option. The difference is that the iPhone 6s is made with a more durable Series 7000 Aluminium, just like the metal used for the Apple Watch, in a bid to prevent a repeat of last year's Bendgate debacle.
What's more, the iPhone 6s is also available in a new Rose Gold colour option, adding to the Gold, Silver and Slate Grey we've previously seen.
As expected, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are slightly thicker than their predecessors, but by such a teeny tiny amount (two tenths of a millimetre to be exact) you'll never notice.
We're a bit disappointed to see that Apple didn't up the resolution of the iPhone 6s's screen. You'll find that the iPhone 6s has a 1334x750 pixel display with a pixel density of 326ppi. Really, 3D Touch is a mixture of display tech, hardware and software, but it's one of the most exciting new features of the new iPhone 6s so we're dedicating a whole section of this review to it.
It works a lot like Force Touch on the Apple Watch and the new MacBook Trackpad, detecting force to enable new ways to interact with the smartphone. On the home screen, you’re able to press on icons to go straight to a particular part of that application.
It's pretty difficult to really understand how great this is until you've tried it, as it's all about how it feels to use, but we can try our best to explain it, because things get really interesting when you're using it from within an app.
The good news is that when you swipe up to unveil additional options, the preview window becomes fixed in place, allowing you to take your finger off the screen to select the option you want. If you want to go right into the email, you'll want to press that bit harder to 'Pop' into the message and reply or read more.
And thanks to Apple's much more open approach, third-party developers are able to use the technology in the apps and games. Another exciting example of third party developers using 3D Touch is in AG Drive, a futuristic racing game available on the App Store. Are you impressed by the new features made possible by the 3D Touch interface on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus?
Apple says that the iPhone 6s's processor is 70 percent faster and has 90 percent better graphics performance. However, it’s in the graphics department that the iPhone 6s really flexes its muscles. It’s worth noting that the Galaxy S6 has a Quad HD display compared to the much lower resolution of the iPhone 6s, which has something to do with the results.
Apple has improved the Touch ID fingerprint sensor beneath the Home button too, and is designed to be speedier and more reliable. The iPhone 6s still uses the Lightning port rather than the rumoured USB-C, but we suspect this might be the last iPhone model to do so as USB-C becomes the standard port across all mobile technology and laptops.
The camera is impressive, and rather than focusing on packing in loads of new pixels, Apple has instead focused on improving the technology behind it to produce top-quality images.
Interestingly, the company has also turned the display into a true-tone flash for the front camera, and we think we should see a huge improvement when it comes to selfies. Then there's video, which has been improved to a fantastic 4K (at 30fps) while the front-facing camera can record up to 1080p HD.
A software-based camera feature that we really like is called Live Photos, a new feature exclusive to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. When you're flipping through your photos in the Camera Roll on the iPhone 6s, you'll see a little glimpse of the animation to signal the fact that it is indeed a Live Photo and not a still.

Our only concern is the space they take up – Apple says they "won't take up much more space," but that's not very specific. We've been out to put the iPhone 6s camera to the test, and we even took pictures from the iPhone 5s, 6 and 6 Plus to see how they compare. There’s still no way to jailbreak the iPhone 5, or other post-A5 devices running iOS 6, and that makes a lot of people sad, us included. Step 3: On your iPhone open Settings > General > About and find the Carrier field, notating the Carrier Version Number for your device. Step 6: Once the logo is compiled, CarrierEditor will save both the original and the custom logo to your desktop. It may seem like a long process, but that’s because I pretty much spelled out everything, even obvious stuff, verbatim.
Special thanks to developers Kevin Ko, and Daniel for putting together such an easy to use and easy to follow app. Even while in the midst of a significant jailbreak drought as we are now, this is a great way to customize your iPhone or iPad. Apple's iPhone 6s was promised to be faster than its predecessor whilst boasting a feature that Apple compares to the introduction of multi-touch (the technology responsible for the touchscreen mobile boom), called 3D Touch.
It offers a curved 4.7in display and is made with a sleek, rounded aluminium casing just like its predecessor.
Photos don't do the rose gold iPhone any justice, as it looks ten times better in the flesh (in our opinion anyway).
It's the same Retina display as on its predecessor, but this time it has the 3D Touch tech beneath it to introduce a huge range of new possibilities that we're excited about, as we'll explain later. And while we've found that the screen on the iPhone 6 is perfectly satisfactory for browsing and gaming, there's no doubt that QHD displays from the likes of Samsung and LG take things to a whole new level that Apple hasn't quite reached yet and when comparing the display to the likes of the Galaxy S6 (2560x1440, 577ppi), there is no comparison.
For example, pressing the Instagram icon will bring up options to post a photo or video, view your activity, access your direct messages or initiate a search, and the Camera icon will present options that let you take a selfie or start shooting a video. When racing, you can use a varying level of force to dictate your level of acceleration, and pushing hard will activate a speed boost (when ready).
The iPhone 6s scored 2511 in single-core mode and 4404 in multi-core mode in Geekbench, putting it just behind the processing power of the Galaxy S6, which scored 4438 points. We ran two GFXBench tests – T-Rex and Manhattan, the same tests that our colleagues use when testing Android devices, and compared the results. We'd strongly recommend opting for the 64GB iPhone 6s if your budget can stretch to £619. While the iPhone 6s is celebrated for its innovative display and powerful internals, the audio output is also fairly impressive. The quality of the high tones are absolutely spectacular, beating its rival flagship smartphones when compared.
Live Photos is turned on by default in the Camera app, and if you leave it on it'll automatically capture 1.5 seconds before and after the moment you press the shutter button. If you want to watch it, press harder using 3D Touch and you'll see the full three seconds, complete with an audio snapshot.
But even if the Live Photos never leave your iPhone they're still super-cool, and are a bit like something you'd expect to find in Hogwarts. It's claimed that they'll take up around two times more space than standard photos, but we’ve found them to be 5-6mb on average. While these devices have cameras that are far from terrible, there are subtle differences between them. Once on the summary page for your device, press and hold the option key on your keyboard, and click Restore iPhone (or Restore iPad). I always had to reboot my device with the second carrier change, so you most likely will have to as well. To start, you'll need to find a design of your choice that will look good in the status bar, as it's only only 20 pixels in depth.For this example, I've chosen our WonderHowTo logo.

But does Apple succeed in creating a new type of interaction that we’ll be seeing on other smartphones in coming years?
We're pleased to see that Apple hasn't upped the price of its iPhone despite the introduction of the 3D Touch tech. You’re able to interact with apps made by Apple as well as apps made by third-party developers in new ways thanks to the technology.
If you press on URLs you can peek at them to see a preview of what they'd look like in Safari, or press harder to pop into the app itself.
It’s a better way of interacting and is taste at what is to come with the future of 3D Touch in third-party apps. This is compared to only having a single option for acceleration and having to move your finger to hit the boost button on other devices, which after using the 6s for a few days seems like an awkward way of gaming! It beat the HTC One M9 by a whopping 626 points, scoring 3778 points, which would normally be an acceptable score. Samsung’s Galaxy S6 managed a respectable 30fps in T-Rex and 14fps in Manhattan, while the iPhone 6s scored a whopping 59fps in T-Rex and 56fps in Manhattan. Not having a Quad HD display seems like a better option when gaming on a mobile device, eh?
Alternatively, take a look at our article on how to save space on your iPhone to help make the most of that 16GB.
We’ve recorded videos walking down stairs, panning around (like true tourists at Hoover Dam should) and the finished video looked almost professionally recorded. It's essentially a really short video or an animated GIF, but it actually uses 12Mp photos captured by the iSight camera. The following images have been in no way edited or compressed, we took them straight from the iPhone and put them online. You will need to drag and drop both logo types for your custom carrier logo into these respective boxes.
I just hope the new Jailbreak will release soon because I am starting to loose my cool with this device and thinking of switching to something that can be Jailbroken. It’ll blur everything around the icon, vibrate quickly then revert back to its original state to show you that it recognised the press, but nothing else is going to happen. Since launch, the likes of Tweetbot 4, Tumblr and WhatsApp have all added 3D touch controls to their apps, and it hugely improves the overall experience. We’ve compared the iPhone 6s audio to a variety of flagship smartphones, and we found it to be amongst the best, although we have to admit that the Galaxy S6 does a better overall job with better soundstage reproduction and less interference than the iPhone 6s. Although there is huge improvement in photographs taken in low-light conditions when compared to its predecessor, we feel that it doesn’t quite compete with the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S6. Of course, there were a few jitters here and there, but it was a huge improvement over how stable our hands were when recording. You can share them with friends, and if they're running iOS 9 or El Capitan they'll see the animation, too. Navigate to your desktop where the logo was saved, and select your custom .ipcc carrier file (not the one labeled original) and click open. Essentially, it should make everything much quicker and prevent you from needing to switch apps regularly. Open the ZeppelinLogos folder from the mounted image, and select the folder that contains the carrier logo you want to use. The iPhone 6s will suit most people down to the ground, with only true audiophiles being able to notice a difference. Next, click on About and scroll down until you find Carrier, which should then have the version number you'll need next to your carrier name (eg.

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