If you're tired of the iPhone's boring black or white color options, but would also like to avoid a bulky case or letting Colorware have at it with your device, you might want to check out Clear-Coat's new color-changing Aurora skin.
The $35 self-adhesive decal is applied to your iPhone the same way as a screen protector, but it includes panels to cover almost every inch of the device.
Also on Gizmodo6 Crazy Internet Challenges That Went Viralprevnext of 66 Crazy Internet Challenges That Went ViralALS Ice Bucket ChallengeThe ALS Ice Bucket Challenge started in the summer of 2014 and became the worlda€™s largest global social media phenomenon. It is commonly referred to as Lou Gehriga€™s Disease, which is a disorder that results in muscle deterioration. According to Dr Brian O'Neill, a physician at the Detroit Medical Center, the challenge may have adverse health effects on participants, including potentially inducing a vagal response which might lead to unconsciousness in people taking blood pressure medications.
When eating the peppers that rank extremely high on the Scoville scale, many participants sweat profusely, cough violently, vomit and experience hallucinations. It must be noted that the salt causes the ice to lower its freezing temperature, and in the process absorbs heat from the environment (including the participant's hand) as it melts. Trending on socialNational Technology Day: 9 Indian Tech Innovations to Feel Proud AboutHunting For Charging Points Too Often? If you like the idea of changing the boring carrier logo with a Batman or Superman logo then check out Zeppelin – a jailbreak tweak that lets you change the carrier logo on your jailbroken iPhone.
Zeppelin developed by Alex Zielenski is a MobileSubstrate jailbreak tweak that allows you to change iPhone’s carrier logo. After installing Zeppelin on your jailbroken iPhone, you can select from a number of carrier logos such as Android, Aperture Science, Assassin’s Creed, Batman, Beats by dre, Infiniti, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Superman custom carrier logos. That’s it, it will respring the SpringBoard and you will see the custom carrier logo you had selected. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. Changing the carrier name from an unlocked iPhone's status bar has been possible to do ever since Cydia released Zeppelin earlier this year.
Upscale is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to run higher resolutions on jailbroken iPhones.
The iPhone 6 assets looked a lot more reasonable on the 4-inch iPhone 5s, so that’s what I decided to test with primarily. The result isn’t rocket science, but it is fairly fascinating that this is able to be done with relatively few negative side effects.
After installing the Upscale package, venture into the Settings app and find its preference panel. You can also decide to use your own custom resolution, but your mileage may heavily vary, and you may get stuck in Safe Mode if you choose the wrong combination.

Once you select a resolution, your device will restring, and once it returns to the Home screen you’ll be in the resolution that you choose. Interestingly, it seems that enabling the 6 Plus’ resolution on my iPhone 5s resulted in automatic landscape mode on the Home screen. In fact, going back to the native iPhone 5s resolution was hard to get used to after using it in iPhone 6 mode. Pretty sure I used this or another screen res altering app whilst jailbroken, since updating to iOS9 the resolution tweak has stuck around. Before we start with the tutorial on how to change the ringtone on iOS 9, though, let us say that the reason why it is oh-so-complicated has a lot to do with Apple's business of selling ringtones on the App Store.
Momentarily, a second track with the same name, but the shorter, 30-second duration will appear. The ringtone is now loaded onto your phone, but you still need to actually select it to use it. And thanks to an iridescent finish, the Aurora skin has an ever-changing rainbow tint that lets you customize your iPhone's finish by just moving it about. More than 17 million people uploaded their challenge videos to Facebook, which were watched by 440 million people. After the Ice Bucket Challenge went viral on social media, public awareness and charitable donations to ALS charities soared. Therefore experts suggest that one must try this keeping a glass of milk on the table as it has been scientific proven that milk is a better choice to drink to avoid feeling the burn than water. In this bizarre challenge, one has to precariously hold his phone with just your thumb and forefinger over somewhere they really wouldn't want it to fall. Trust me, this nerve-wrecking internet craze was certainly for the faint-hearted people or for those who have high value for their smartphones. While the vomit response is commonly assumed to be a chemical reaction between the two foods, the reaction may also occur owing simply to the large amount of food and drink ingested within a short period. According to health experts, the cinnamon powder coats and dries the mouth and throat, resulting in throat irritation, breathing difficulties, risk of pneumonia, or a collapsed lung.
It causes a "burning" sensation, but participants are supposed to tolerate the pain for the longest time. As a result, skin temperature drops far more than with ice alone, even though the temperature of the ice is the same. The tweak, which is currently in beta, features serval presets to choose from via its settings. The result is an interface that features less than ideal tap-zones, but much more room to work with on screen.

First noted and discovered by developers cpdigitaldarkroom and coolstar, this is a tweak that will surely turn a lot of heads. The iPhone 6 Plus resulted in assets that were simply way to small to logically use, but I could see it working on the iPhone 6.
So it looks like this mode is based purely on resolution, and if there’s enough of it, it will auto-enable.
Everything seemed cartoonishly big, and it’s going to take me a while to get my mind to adjust to the normal look of the iPhone 5s. I get on with it fine on my 5 and am about to go onto an SE today, but it seems like the backup of my iOS is going to carry this across to a new device. If you want to pay twice for a song and a ringtone, then changing the ringtone is very easy. It is now an annual event to raise awareness and funds to find treatments and a cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).
Try killing the Cydia app that is running in the background via the multitasking tray and relaunch it and wait for all the sources and packages to load.
To start, you'll need to find a design of your choice that will look good in the status bar, as it's only only 20 pixels in depth.For this example, I've chosen our WonderHowTo logo.
I don’t want to upgrade to ios 8 on my i4s, because it is VERY unstable and is quite bloated. Has anyone else experienced this and if so is it possible to undo it without starting afresh? If you prefer to use a song you already own as a ringtone, though, Apple has decided to overcomplicate things. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. I just hope the new Jailbreak will release soon because I am starting to loose my cool with this device and thinking of switching to something that can be Jailbroken. Just follow the steps and you'd be able to change the ringtone of an iPhone and use your favorite song as a ringtone. Next, click on About and scroll down until you find Carrier, which should then have the version number you'll need next to your carrier name (eg.

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