If you decided to change your name online after marriage, the first place to get started is with your email address.
Unfortunately, Gmail does not you to change your email address after you create your account. There are more than 200 million Gmail users, so chances are, there’s someone out there with your name who’s already snagged the Gmail address. If your account is inactive for around 9 months, Gmail will delete your shiny new account, and someone else could snatch it up.
Once your married (congrats!), you’ll want to forward any new messages you receive from your old inbox to your new inbox. Click the gear icon at the top of any Gmail page, choose Mail settings and open the Accounts and Import tab. If you want to continue using Gmail awesome autocomplete feature so that you don’t have to remember anyone’s actual email address, you’ll need to import all your contacts from your old email account. October 13, 2011 49 CommentsAbout Diana UrbanDiana Urban is the author of the U Stand Out ebooks and blog teaching people how to do online marketing using content marketing, social media, and SEO strategies. There is no reason to change name after marriage, man or woman everyone is to be recognized by their family and father’s name. To edit the account name, just click the dropdown next to your name at the upper-right side of the screen, click Account. I just went through this… You may have already noticed by now, but check your old gmail. Mine was also preventing it thinking it was getting hijacked, but I haven’t figured out how to get it to stop doing that! I was actually thinking you would mention how to change the gmail display name and the contact info. No, you should be able to import messages from another account using the instructions above. I have not logged into my Gmail account in over six months, yet I continue to receive emails forwarded from my old email address.

Thank so much much very helpful.I have one more question can I export all my file from the all to the new account.How I can do that? Now if only Gmail would stop preventing step 4 from working because it thinks someone is trying to hijack my account. I am having the same problems with Step 4 that others have mentioned but have been given no way to address it. I tried going to that link but I’m trying to import emails from a gmail account to another gmail account.
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You can change the name that’s linked to your email address, but not the address itself. TIP: Sometimes these changes are not reflected immediately so i would suggest logging out of Gmail and restarting your browser to make sure that the changes take.
So make sure you log in once in a while and send an email or two, especially if you have a longer engagement. Unless you’d like to start with a clean slate, but I love being able to look up any past messages, and I’m bad at remembering to log into old email accounts every 9 months. Scroll down to the Check mail using POP3 section and click the Add POP3 email account button.
Once you save your changes, you might have to wait several hours until the process is completed. I thought this would be instructions for how to change the account name that people see in chat or Google Docs, not instructions for how to create a new email address.

That would be an entirely different article; the focus of this particular article is specifically how to change your email address. I have been looking and failing at searching for an online tutorial on how to change those parts of the gmail account for when one moves and such. Question, will I need to keep my old gmail account active and continue to log in every once in awhile so that my emails continue to forward? I think to play it safe, you add a calendar invite to your new Gmail account, just reminding you to log into your old Gmail every six months. And there’s no way to contact them to ask them to please cut it out and allow step 4 to work! I have a webmail account with my own domain which I’m using as an alias for my gmail account. Her father owned a famous Italian restaurant for many years and she cooked along side him from when she was a little girl. Lisa's parents will be preparing a pancake breakfast in chef costume, you don't want to miss it! Their is a beautiful private pool at the wedding site (bring your suits) we will all be hanging out at the house on Sunday all day and eating leftovers. Since it’s confusing to have your display name differ from your email address, I recommend creating a new email address. I was born with the name I have, and even though I hated it when I was a kid, I realized at some point that people weren’t going to make fun of my name forever. I can change the one in the signature but I think gmail uses the mailing address for security questions or shows it on profiles or such so I wanted to change it to the current one. I am desperate to make this switch, thrilled to have found this helpful article and super frustrated that I can’t get anywhere with it because of this obstacle.

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