I searched all over online for the Hawaii Five-O theme song and found nothing – so i tried to make it myself.
Once the theme song ended, i had a raw copy of 35 seconds including some extraneous front and back end audio. Now it’s off to iTunes to get the Ringtone converted and in so i can use it on my iPhone. Or, you can download the New Hawaii Five-O ringtone i made and just import it into your iTunes.

Choosing the onboard microphone port in Audacity as the input allowed me to play the taped (recorded?) audio from the opening scene of Hawaii Five-o straight into Audacity after hitting the record button. I saved it to the raw file and then used Audacity to delete a few seconds from the beginning and a second off the end. I saved the project file so i had an original proof and then use FILE menu, Export as WAV and save it to a folder. I also made a >futuristic Nokia ringtone from the Star Trek 11 audio when the young James T.

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