Basically, pdftotext is a command line file converter which is a part of poppler utility package. November 24, 2015 By bhakti Leave a Comment Do you want to know how to check and install java?. November 24, 2015 By bhakti Leave a Comment Do you want to know how to use terminal as a browser??. November 23, 2015 By bhakti Leave a Comment Do you want to know how to find out package name of an application?. November 23, 2015 By bhakti Leave a Comment Do you want to know how to install software on your Linux operating system?. Inside Ubuntu Software Center, you'll find various apps which you are going to need after installing Linux operating system.
November 20, 2015 By bhakti Leave a Comment Do you want to know how to enable and disable shutdown dialog box in Ubuntu 14.04??. November 20, 2015 By bhakti Leave a Comment Do you want to know how much disk space is left in your Linux system??. November 19, 2015 By bhakti Leave a Comment Do you want to uninstall any program from your Linux system?. November 19, 2015 By bhakti Leave a Comment Do you want to enable local menus in Ubuntu 14.04 ?. Would you like to change the name of the sender that will appear in messages you send using Gmail? Let’s start this tutorial on how to change Gmail account seeing how to change the names and personal information associated with an email address. If you want to change your personal information associated with your Gmail account , connected to and click first on your photo at the top right and then on button Your account in the that appears.
Would you like to change Gmail account to use another email address without losing your old contacts and your previous posts? If you want, you can create a new email account on Gmail , transfer of the latter posts and the old address and contacts enable automatic forwarding of emails from the old to the new inbox e. To create a new Gmail account, connect to, click on your picture above right and click first on the button Add Account (the menu that appears) and then over Create account (the page that opens). To transfer your old mail to your new Gmail account , connected to your old Gmail address and activates relay mail via POP. Then log in with your new Gmail address, click on the icon of ‘ gear located at the top right and select the item Settings from the menu that appears.
If you want to get the ability to send messages from your old Gmail address using your new email account, put the check mark next to the appropriate item and click on Next step button. To enable automatic forwarding of new messages on your new Gmail account , go back to your old Gmail account, click on the icon of ‘ gear located at the top right and select the item Settings from the menu that appears. Next, click on the buttons Next Proceed and OK ; Click on the link in the confirmation message that you receive on your new Gmail address and presses the Confirmation button to allow the system to automatically forward messages.
To transfer your address book from the old to the new address Gmail , log in with your old e-mail account, click on the entry Gmail located at the top left and select the voice Contacts from the menu that appears.
At this point, click on the button Other who is at the top, select the entry Export from the menu that pops up, and put the check mark next to the items All contacts and Google CSV format . Finally, presses the button Other located at the top and select the item Import from the menu that pops up.
Maybe you made a mistake when initially setting up your email account, or maybe you want to play some sort of prank on someone. Whatever your reason might be for doing so, you sometimes may want to change the name that is displayed as the sender when sending emails. Step 3: If you are trying to edit the name of an iCloud email account, select Custom under the Alias dropdown menu. Step 4: Under the Full Name section, type in the new name you want to use for that account. There is one big limitation to the changes you might have made to your display name in your Mail app.
For example, if my wife changes her display name from Tina to Josephine, her emails will still show as coming from Tina on my device, because that is the name I use for her in my contacts.

This limitation doesn’t happen if you are sending an email to someone who has not saved your contact info before though.
If you get caught up with work and forget to regularly check your Gmail inbox, then Checker Plus For Gmail, a Chrome extension, displays unread messages right in your browser window, and alerts you with desktop voice notifications by reading your messages out loud. Once you’ve installed the extension, you will be able to read and reply to all your emails by clicking the button in the toolbar. Whenever you receive a new email, Checker Plus for Gmail alerts you with voice and desktop notifications, letting you listen to the sender’s name, subject and even the entire message.
The extension comes with extensive settings, which are divided into four main categories, Notifications, General, Accounts and Button.
AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. Yes, you can easily obtain images from any pdf file by using a simple yet efficient tool named as "pdfimages".
By default Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or you can simply say Java is not installed on the Linux-based operating system.
But w3m only provides textual functionality that means, you'll only get text output while browsing. It is easy to install or remove any software in Ubuntu, but what about the exact package name and details of that software which you want to install and uninstall??. Basically there are two methods to install any software on Ubuntu system, one is using Software Center and other is using Ubuntu's terminal. Great, did you know that by default Ubuntu is configured to prompt you with the confirmation dialog box while you shut down or restart your system. As in Windows operating system you can easily check the status of your hard disk by using Windows disk manager tool but what about Ubuntu?.
Great, As you know that you can easily install and uninstall any software from Ubuntu Software Center, but what about uninstalling other programs and packages which you've installed from the terminal.
Yes, you can easily manage your local menus, and this new feature helps you to configure your local menus within the program menu rather than the top bar of your screen.
What would you like to change your email address on Gmail without losing your contacts or your previous posts?
So I would say not to lose further talk and take action right away: there is an email address on Gmail that needs to be changed! On the page that opens, select the tab Accounts and Import Click on the link change information that is next to your email address (in the range Send mail as ) and type the new name you want to associate with your Gmail account on the white text field that is located under the heading name (in the window that opens).
On the page that opens, select the entry Your personal data from the personal information and privacy and choose which data to edit. In this way all the messages that we receive on the old account will be automatically transferred to the new. If you do not know how to do it, click on the icon of ‘ gear located at the top right and select the item Settings from the menu that appears. On the page that opens, select the tab Accounts and Import Click on the item Add your POP3 mail accounts and type the address of your old Gmail account. Then type in the verification code that is sent to you on the old Gmail account and you’re done.
Therefore presses the button Export and the entire address book of your old Gmail account will be exported to the PC as a CSV file. So connected to it, click on the entry Gmail located at the top left and select the item Contacts from the menu that pops up.
Click on button Select file to select the file CSV you have previously exported from your old account and click on Import button to start importing contacts in the new Gmail account. Now you have a new Gmail address with your old messages, your old contacts and the ability to send and receive messages from your previous email address at any time. In this post, I will show you how to change your email display name on iPhone, Mac, and iCloud.

If you send an email to someone who has previously saved you as a contact on their device, then your emails will still show under whatever name they attached to your contact card.
We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Don't worry friends, you can also convert any pdf file into the editable text file using pdftotext in the Linux-based operating system. So, that is why first you have to check the java version and then install the package according to your need.
Basically, for this purpose you have to use APT (Advance packaging tool) which is a package management system used by Debian based Linux Operating system. Don't worry friends, by going through this article you can easily find out how much disk space is used and how much is left in your system. Don't worry friends, you can easily remove such type program and packages from your system by using some simple codes.
Basically, it helps you to access all the functionality of toolbars like edit, view, search, etc. I’m sorry, such a function is not yet contemplated in Gmail … but perhaps I know a way to also achieve a similar result! You can change name nickname email address primary or secondary (you can not change your primary Gmail address), phone number and date of birthday . Therefore presses the button Next step , enter the credentials of your old Gmail account access in the form that is proposed to you and click on Add Account button.
Importing mail to your new Gmail address will begin immediately but may take several days to be completed (depending on the amount of data to be processed). You can find how to do in my tutorial on how to restore Chrome and how to restore Android , two guides in which I was involved in the browser and the operating system of Google by explaining in detail how to reset them using new or old Gmail account. If you want to edit any other account, such as a Gmail email account, then move on to step 4. It can read out the sender’s name, email subject, and even the entire message when you’re away from the computer for a certain amount of time. Enable and change sound notifications from the drop-down menu, hit the tiny play button to preview them, and choose the one you like. All new messages you send from your Gmail account will present your new name in the sender field.
To choose which of your personal information may be disclosed in public through your profile Google Plus click on button Personal Information . The extension also adds contact photos for all your contacts, and can run in the background even if Google chrome is closed. Select Man or Woman for the Voice Notifications and enable voice notifications when you’re away from the computer for a certain amount of time. Clicking on the button opens a pop-up with all your messages, where you can delete, reply to, mark as spam and archive messages without having to open Gmail. Also, select whether you want to Hear email subject, Hear email message and Detect language in email from the options. Furthermore, you can specify mailto: links to be opened in Gmail from any website, and change click action from the options. The General category allows you to Open mailto links with Gmail, Archive messages as read and so on. Three actions can be performed when the button is clicked, including Open Gmail tab, Open pop-up preview (if unread mail) and Open pop-up preview. Chicago Mercantile Association: Certain market data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc.

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