It came to me as I was meditating this morning, to share with you how to use nature as a meditation. So when you are out in nature, find a nice place to sit that is quiet, close your eyes, put your hands on your lower belly, take a deep relaxed breath and give a good sigh, let out the tension with the exhalation. The best thing about Nirup's work and the methods she uses is that it's always about YOU - what is YOUR path?
Siting in nature, and BEING, not trying to do anything, figure out anything, just BREATHING AND RELAXING into the moment; the feeling and knowing there was is no where to go but this very moment. She was incredibly helpful and provided so much insight into our lives that it is hard to believe we only spoke for an hour. She helped me to get in touch with my own inner truth and make decisions for me instead of for everyone else.
I appreciate your strength and clarity, and giving me the little push I needed to really grow. Intended to be used with other meditation doses, Meditative Control tried to do just one thing really well: keep your session completely controlled and without drift. Yes we all want some easier methods, or someone else to bring it to us or to do it for us, but we are the ones that have to do it for ourselves to get what we want, to be in the space that we want.
Just go into feeling, no thinking, NOTICING, and NOTICING, and NOTICING, being a witness to what you are sensing. Some answers may surprise you, so be prepared for some things you may or may not want to hear.
On the outside I've made many positive and somewhat dramatic changes (I ended a relationship that was no longer right for me, and moved out of my apartment, and I'm saving to go live with my brother in Los Angeles), but the real difference is within.

It has been our dream came true when we were given this concept by our fellow Reiki Grand masters Jitender Kumar and Navneet Mathur.
A key to great, truly life-altering meditation is the ability to the mind centered when it really wants to roll in one direction or another. Looking outside of ourselves, is something we have been programmed to do, it is alot tougher going within, we are not used to it, but also have not be taught how to go within.
We both also had multiple revelations that occurred after the readings upon considering things she had said.
Though some of the changes have been difficult, I feel excited, energized, and like I've finally broken through a wall to take the next steps on my life's path. It's empowering and helps you reorient to a more inward perspective - which is helpful for those of us who are stuck in a people-pleasing cycle. We are grateful for their web development and designing, which gave us a platform to share our works with you.We have been getting emails and suggestions from you all on writing an article for better concentration and something so that they are able to do better meditations. This dose is a great starter dose to a session or when slipstreamed first with other meditation doses, and has uses even outside of meditation to remain centered and focused. Keeping your eyes closed, then go into hearing, not thinking but hearing only, the sounds around you, take your time to notice all the subtle sounds, breathing and relaxing. She made me at ease (remotely by phone) and that was a pleasant surprise since it wasn't in person. As you all know us that we try to work on almost all as is asked to us and what we find is useful for all.
Then go into smelling, notice any smells or fragrances, just keep tuned into your subtle higher senses.

We will come back to her whenever we visit Sedona in the future and would also recommend her to anyone we know headed that way. We all the Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters started thinking and working on it and have a good finding last week. With their help, we were able to find some images, downloaded from net and are sharing with you all here. NO Thinking, just being, focusing on your breathing, watching the breath go down into the belly, and watching the exhalation will help. We should try to keep in mind that if we are having a slow music played in background or some meditation music, we will be able to work better.We must keep either of the images on a wall and play a slow music or meditation music n the background.
When we are focusing at the center of the picture, we might feel them rotating either in clockwise or anticlockwise direction.
Once we are able to see them with our closed eyes, we should do it and can see that our concentration is improving. We can also see that our meditation is improving and we are able to increase time and our inner energy with the help of these deep meditations.

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