You did not feel self conscious or think that you looked fat and out of shape in your clothes. You know, the self talk that is telling you that you are not in shape enough, fit enough, or sexy enough. Utah can have high standards and your competitive spirit can get the best of you if you don’t control it.
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It is time that you finally start getting the results you want by taking control once and for all.
Instead, your self talk was positive and you were more focused on the other things going on in your life as opposed to your insecure inner self talk.
I am sure you get annoyed and frustrated by having to not only be the perfect wife, mother,employee and fulfill all other responsibilities that you have in your life but also to have the pressure of looking perfect as well. With all of the pressure to look better than ever even after having kids, running a family, while being attentive to your husband’s needs here are some tips to melt the fat off of your stomach so you can go back to being happy, healthy, and confident again.

Hopefully, you remember the days when it was easy to fit in your clothes and you felt confident and sexy.

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