The years from 1865 to 1877 were known as a€?Reconstructiona€? - the process of readmitting the former Confederate states to the Union. Once ten percent of the voters in a state had done this they could form a new state government and be readmitted to the Union. Many Congressional Republicans thought it would take more to restore the Union than for southern states to swear an oath of loyalty.
In 1865 Congress established the Freedmana€™s Bureau a€“ an agency to provide relief (help) for freed people and certain poor people in the South.
On the evening of April 14, 1865 President Lincoln was shot and killed by the actor (and southern sympathizer) John Wilkes Booth while attending a play at Forda€™s Theater in Washington DC. Andrew Johnson was a Democrat who was put on the ticket in 1864 to appeal to border state voters.

Black Codes a€“ By 1866 every southern state had passed a series of laws that greatly limited the (new) freedom of African-Americans.
The Black Codes angered many Republicans who knew the South was returning to ita€™s old ways. Fearing what would happen when the southern states were readmitted, Republicans in Congress proposed the 14th Amendment.
3.States could not deprive any person of a€?life, liberty or property without due process of lawa€?. In 1867 President Andrew Johnson (D-Tn.) was impeached by the House of Representative and put on trial in the Senate for breaking the law by firing Sec. The Republican Party gradually lost power in the north due to a series of financial scandals.

The Republicans did pass the Civil Rights Act of 1875 guaranteeing African-Americans equal rights in public places.
The Redeemers introduced legal segregation, the separation of whites and blacks in public places. African-Americans in the South would remain second-class citizens until the Civil Rights era of the 1950a€™s and 1960a€™s.

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