If you’ve been following me for any length of time you know that besides the business advice I regularly share, one of my main messages is ALWAYS that you are good enough just the way you are. Diana Nyad recently completed a record-breaking 53-hour, 110-mile swim from the coast of Cuba to Key West, Florida.
She has overcome so many obstacles to see her dream a reality it still leaves my head spinning. On Monday, September 2nd, 2013, Diana overcame naysayers, jellyfish, seasickness, pain, cold and four failed attempts to become the first person to swim from Cuba to a Key West Florida beach without a protective cage.
If your dream is important to you and you feel deep down in your soul that you have a mission in this life then you should never, ever give up! Sure, building a business isn’t a sport but in fact Diana’s sport of swimming is very much a business. Remember you can’t be good at every single thing it takes to build a business: marketing, website design, graphic design, copywriting, sales, product creation, etc. Diana also said that its “not what you want to do in this life… it’s about who do you want to be.” Ponder that question for a moment.
She had every bit of documentation that she needed to answer all of the questions that her skeptics threw at her.
This just goes to show us entrepreneurs that no matter what industry you’re in there will always be naysayers. The takeaway message here is don’t give a single ounce of power to the naysayers in your life.

Objective:This section will explain the meaning of the Confidence Interval (CI) in statistical analysis. The CI states that with 92% confidence, the proportion of all similar companies with the plan will between 46% and 56%. I encourage others to display confidence in sharing their gifts for the greater good of others. I suppose the best place to focus would be on the three messages Diana shared as she stumbled out of the water after a 53-hour swim from Cuba to Florida.
The commitment, dedication, focus and drive all come from the same place business owners find inspiration.
If you’re gaining expertise in all those areas then you aren’t running and profiting from your business. She did it with confidence and her head held high because she knew that she completed the swim with the utmost of integrity. They will plague you before you gain momentum, they’ll chase you as you move forward and they will doubt you when you become successful. Often, statistics are not expressed in terms of one number but rather as a range or an interval with a given level of confidence. Over and over experts told her that the human body could not endure a feat of that magnitude. She went on to say she’s always known who she is and she never wants to have any regrets in this life.

Remember Diana’s dream was 35 years in the making… most of us don’t have to wait that long, (thank goodness).
Often times the only limitations that are put upon us are solely coming from somewhere inside of ourselves. For proportions, the normal distribution approximates the binomial for n x P(hat) is greater than or equal to 5.Most common confidence interval selections are 90%, 95%, or 99% but are dependent on the voice of the customer, your company, project, and other factors. They said it would be impossible for someone half her age to complete, let alone someone 64 years of age. The larger your sample size, the more confidence one can be that their answers represent the population. If the sample is not then one cannot rely on the confidence intervals calculated, because you can no longer rely on the measures of central tendency and dispersion.Sampling plans are an important step to ensure the data taken within is reflective and meaningful to represent the population. Click here for information regarding sampling plans.PercentageThe accuracy of the CI also depends on the percentage of your sample that picks a particular answer.
It is easier to be sure of extreme answers than those aren't, thus the interval is not linear.

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