What is air and what is air separation?Air is a mixture of gases, consisting primarily of nitrogen (78 %), oxygen (21 %) and the inert gas argon (0.9 %). Precooling of airTo separate air into its components, it must first be liquefied at an extremely low temperature. Purification of airImpurities such as water vapour and carbon dioxide are then removed from the air in a so-called molecular sieve.
Cooling of airBecause the gases which make up air only liquefy at very low temperatures, the purified air in the main heat exchanger is cooled to approx. Separation of airSeparation of air into pure oxygen and pure nitrogen is performed in two columns, the medium-pressure and the low-pressure columns. Withdrawal and storageGaseous oxygen and nitrogen are fed into pipelines for transport to users, e.g.
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The Audubon Classic Hummingbird Feede5 Features A Built-in Ant Guard And Is Easy To Fill And Clean. The cooling is achieved by means of internal heat exchange, in which the flows of cold gas generated during the process cool the compressed air. In liquid form, oxygen, nitrogen and argon are stored in tanks and transported to customers by road tankers. So-called air fractionating plants employ a thermal process known as cryogenic rectification to separate the individual components from one another in order to produce high-purity nitrogen, oxygen and argon in liquid and gaseous form. Rapid reduction of the pressure then causes the compressed air to cool further, whereby it undergoes partial liquefaction.
The continuous evaporation and condensation brought about by the intense exchange of matter and heat between the rising steam and the descending liquid produces pure nitrogen at the top of the low-pressure column and pure oxygen at the bottom.

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