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We must uncover the layers of these ugly, messy things, stripping back piece after piece until we can see the nugget of truth at the center. As I entered the conversation I was racking my brain, thinking of all the things I could have done wrong and was getting busted for (a charge on my "emergency only" credit card was my best guess). I was in law school when I finally dug up the ugly, messy truth of my past and had a realization. For all the teachers-you are mothers and fathers for all of your students, and have an overwhelmingly important role in each of their lives.

Allen, a redheaded science teacher who taught me to be my bold, quirky, and authentic self. Allen taught for nine years as a 4th and 5th grade teacher in Tampa, Fla., and now serves as the developer and director of the Master of Arts in Teacher Leadership at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Mass. Things that are so complicated and hard to look at that we cover our eyes in denial, attempting to push them way down in the pits of our souls, so far down into the murky depths of ourselves that they couldn't possibly resurface. It's really hard to describe to people that haven't lost a parent-especially a mother-the force that gave you life.
When I wasn't shying away from it or denying that this horrible event happened, I saw something. For all the motherless daughters and sons, may we each unbury the ugly memories and make sense of them. They can be used as our catalysts to grow into better people, better teachers, better humans. I never forced my little sister to engage in a math task using candy pieces, or pretended to be a school marm with my friends.

You feel as if you are a tree who has just had her roots yanked out and are left floating around without gravity, without an up or down, a left or right. These ugly, messy things can actually be polished, until they are beautiful pieces that shine through as our authentic self.
There was one simple reason: My mother was a teacher, therefore not even a tiny inkling of desire for that profession was allowed to cross my mind (I may have been a bit of a stubborn redhead). And sometimes when we admit that life is also a beautiful mess, we can unveil the truth that is our authentic self. I just had to unbury the mess and pain of my past and come to terms with what it all meant.

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