Book Review: Real Love- How to Avoid Romantic Chaos and Find the Path to Lasting Love * Joseph M. While the book provides lots of practical wisdom for those who are married, there is also a wealth of knowledge available for those who are in dating relationships. I would recommend this book to people who are hoping to be married so that they can approach their dating relationships with a sense of wisdom instead of being led by their emotions and how they may feel about a person at the time.  I would also recommend this book to people who are married, as it provides tangible knowledge that can be useful in helping their marriage be the best that it can be. You can live your life on-purpose, determining in advance the outcomes you want to experience. Stay ConnectedSign up to receive email updates and to hear what's going on with our company! ARE YOU A JUDGMENTAL CHRISTIAN?THE FIVE DON'TS OF LEADERSHIPFIVE REASONS PEOPLE LEAVE CHURCHES TODAYFIVE THINGS WE DON’T TELL CHRISTIANSHOW TO FIGHT FEAR & MOVE FORWARD!5 WAYS TO SEE BIG DREAM HAPPENMICHAEL HYATT, NSA, And The Truth About Protecting Your Brand!5 THINGS I LEARNED AS A WORSHIP LEADERWANNA GIVE UP?

High profile women from all over the country, including Michelle Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Gloria Steinem have weighed in on the subject. Sometimes the threat is not those that oppose you, it's those that were supposed to be beside you.
We smile and feel joy in our hearts at the stories of couples of have been married for 50, 60, and even 70 years; and we often wonder if it’s possible for us to have that same kind of love and marriage. In “Real Love: How to Avoid Romantic Chaos and Find the Path to Lasting Love”, Andy Thompson provides wisdom to those who are seeking to find a lasting love relationship.
Thompson explains items that should be considered when making “the list” of qualities that one desires in a spouse, the limits and boundaries couples should abide by while they are in the dating phase, and the things that one really needs to know about a person (“The Seven P’s”).
Journalists, bloggers, pundits, mothers and single women have discussed the question extensively this year, so much that it's become almost impossible to have a conversation about your career goals in which the terms "work-life balance," "having it all" and "leaning in" don't arise.

Anne-Marie Slaughter's widely discussed article in The Atlantic, "Why Women Still Can’t Have It All," called for more flexible work and childcare schedules.
The book provides simple explanations for how to know if you’re ready to be in a relationship (and reasons why you may not be ready), as well as other valuable tidbits such as “The Three S’s” that men need from their wives and “The Three S’s” that women need from their husbands–and an extra “S” that both husbands and wives need to prove in their marriage.
Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's recent book "Lean In" urges ambitious women to "lean in" to their careers at times when they might otherwise lean back. And Erin Callan, the former CFO of Lehman Brothers, wrote a piece in the New York Times in March saying that, after putting her job first for her entire life she found herself completely lost when her career abruptly ended.

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