I was chatting with a young employee over a beer the other day and we started talking about confidence and its importance. The state of mind then carries over into how we carry ourselves and the actions we choose to take.
When others see confidence, they instinctually trust and follow it because we all know that these are the types of people that end up creating wins for the companies, their families, their communities, and their world. For the most part, people admire those that make impact and they end up sharing their feedback with those that have taken action. Be comfortable with knowing that a lot of the action will not produce the outcome you want immediately.
People (except haters) love others who take action because they’re a true manifestation of living the dream. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. Those who lack confidence and have a negative perspective on their lives will live a life full of disappointments. However, the beauty of positive thinking and self-love is that you can have a fresh start and choose to begin living your life positively whenever you want.
I am not saying to ignore all of your problems but instead of looking at them as problems look at them as problems with solutions.
If you do not believe and love yourself how will other people be able to believe in you and love you? As Walt Disney once said, “Somehow I can’t believe that there are any heights that can’t be scaled by a man who knows the secrets of making dreams come true. Editorial PoliciesOpinions expressed on these pages do not necessarily reflect those of the staff.

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A powerful posture can spark that confidence within yourself as well as to others and it’s contagious, like a yawn.  How we utilize our body, will change our thinking and ultimately change our life.  Striking the power pose, the upright awesome posture, while sitting or standing will give you that perception of being stronger and taller, think how people will perceive you then!!  The fact that a simple pose can have such a huge impact on how you feel and confidence! Changing our posture is one but how about changing our facial expressions?  You know that expression “resting bitch face”?  Sometimes this expression will make you unapproachable or even make you think negative but by simply changing that expression can boost your very own internal confidence!
How about giving a complement?  Building up someone else’s ego with instantly give you a confidence boost and in return make you feel even happier.  Small changes that you can do in a matter of seconds will create a whole new outlook on your day, your week and daily life.
With these techniques you can build a stronger mind, attitude and what a better way of obtaining a confidence booster instantly!  Try a few of these and see how they work out for you, how it changes your confidence to tackle anything that comes your way! Thank you, my fabulous sparkletude friends for taking the time to read my blog and love to hear from you all!  Share your stories, no matter what the subject is with me, I love to hear how your lives are going!
Next time you kick off your shoes, slump onto the couch and turned on "Real Housewives" after you promised yourself you'd head to the gym, pause for a moment and reach for these fitness quotes. We rounded up the most inspiring workout quotes to help get you off the sofa and excited about working out again. Like Us!Latest Blog10 inspiring quotes facebook covers that will motivate youSep 06 – An inspiring quote gives you that "push" that you need when you're finding it difficult to go on. Here is a summary of the conversation along with a diagram on the cyclical pattern of confidence. People instinctually know that the results will be beneficial and leave positive lasting affects on them. That positive feedback helps fuel even higher levels of confidence, which in turn creates more action and results. But if you keep working at it and persisting towards a clear path, you WILL get better, you will produce better results, and you will be able to affect change in the world.

Just by getting the results, it means the confident people chased their dream, and they’re making it. You are the only person who can set your limits and will be able to determine how much you can accomplish. While those who are confident and positive will find themselves achieving more than they ever thought possible. Stop putting so much weight on what you think is wrong with you or in your life and start looking at what is in your favor. Like in yoga, you breath in and out to release the tension and toxins in your body.  This will help change your mood from a sluggish or negative thinking to more open and friendlier mindset!
Because, let's face it: All it takes is one workout to feel better about your body, life and everything in between. It's that jewel of wisdom that lifts your spirits or gives you clarity during a very dark time in ytop 10 quotes facebook covers for teens inspired by kush and wizdomAug 27 – Facebook is a playground for the emotions. Your perspective on yourself and outlook on life determines the type of life you will live. They are curiosity, confidence, courage, and consistency, and the greatest of all is confidence. No matter where we go on the social networking site, we can see people posting about their lives - whether they are happy, jubilant, ecstatic, sad, depresrepositioning a photo on your facebook timelineJul 30 – If you don't like the way a photo appears in your Timeline, you can change it by repositioning that particular photo. Work on yourself in hopes of achieving a better self and living a better life rather than trying to please someone.

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