The last of the LA Noire DLC cases is a little ho-hum, but at the very least it provides a fat stack of easy Achievements and Trophies. Garcia Cruz's houseAs soon as you arrive you'll be under fire from two guys with Tommy Guns. Forcible Rear EntryAs opposed to just shooting Juan Garcia and his accomplice, break in through the back door of his house and kill him.
Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more! Sorti tres discretement en 2012, Get the Gringo (Kill the Gringo, en version Francaise) raconte les aventures de Mel Gibson, surnomme ici Driver. Femmes, enfants, restaurants, magasins : on trouve de tout a EL PUEBLITO, la prison Mexicaine en question. The Achievements and Trophies in Reefer Madness are all very easy to get, and can be scored in a single play through if you don't mind missing out on a large portion of the case.
This Achievement requires you to go directly to the 20th Street Market from Juan Garcia%26rsquo; house, a location you can get by checking the newspaper in the back room.
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They alsohold your hand to the point that a walkthrough is kind of superfluous, so we're going to skip over them and cut straight to the detective cases. Take a look at the picture while you're at it.Next, take a look at the glasses next to the wallet. Sachant qu’il a participe au scenario, attendez-vous bien evidemment a quelques  scenes de tortures. Vous trouverez ci-dessous quelques liens vers Amazon si jamais l’aventure vous tente !
For the sake of completeness we've also worked out the rest of the case so you can get a five star rating if you're so inclined.The case opens with a visit to Mike Lyman's where you'll be talking to a snitch. You will get shot while moving though, so stop moving, and wait a second to regen some healthif you start taking too much damage. Note that while doing this nets you the Achievement, it cuts out a large portion of the case, as going here will prevent you from being able to visit the Soup Factory during the day. Before we do, however, there's one thing you might miss: the first of the game's collectible newspapers. He's in the back, and will give up Juan Garcia Cruz's house location after you talk with him.

Check out the ledger in the back of the secret room and ID the largest shipments, the 50 lbs.
Knowledge of Inside Man %26gt; TruthYou'll now go though a really boring tour of the factory until you run into Sergio Rojas.
Check the ledger and tap on one of the 20thCentury Market deliveries.You'll meet Sergio Rojas and recieve the Sergio's silver dollar clue.
Look at the pile of boxes near the body and you'll find a notepadgiving you the clueMasangkay.3. Look at the pile of boxes near the kitchen and you'll get a new location Parnell Soup Factory.4. Search one of the bedrooms down the hall for this newspaper, it gives you the new location 20th Street Market.5.
If you exit the front of the building you'll have a brief chat with the neighbor, who notes that Juan spent a lot of time in the chicken coop out back.6.

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