Attach your keys, easy to use for personal protection works on natural body movements giving you reach and power!
Our dynamic WHIP ALIEN SELF DEFENSE KEYCHAIN is great for those who want a tool that can help get them out of a threatening situation fast and efficiently. Whip Self Defense Keychain Instructional DVD features 2 hours of lessons for quickly learning life saving skills! The center fortify post and finger cover gives you great striking power and protects your fist from injury when striking an attacker in a self defense situation.
The grip design also permits you to keep the ALIEN in hand and still grip any object such as your cell phone.

The ALIEN WRIST STRAP is extra security against it dropping or being disengaged from your hand. The ALIEN handle with connected WHIP leash and keys gives you extended reach and makes for a formidable tool against any type of threat.
You also will feel extra secure at night with the included Whip Rescue Whistle and Whip Flashlight to light your way to safety. When executed properly no attacker can withstand the pain of defensive WHIPPING strikes inflicted from the WHIP ALIEN SELF DEFENSE KEYCHAIN leash WITH YOUR KEYS ATTACHED. In any case, law abiding citizens have a tool to equal the playing field against the criminal element of our society.

Muggers beware, the Whip Alien Self Defense Keychain has come to earth to give protection to and Serve the Good People who are fighting back!

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