Learn all about fitting tack to the horse, what each part is for, and how to take it off and store it. The Equine Warehouse offer a large range of equine performance supplements online for all horses and ponies.
October 30, 2001 Michael Jackson released what would be his last album of all new material during his lifetime: Invincible. A five-year-old disabled horse rider will be the star of the first BBC Lifeline appeal of 2016 this weekend. Sarah Pendleton, Amya€™s mother, said: a€?She is so much stronger and can now walk longer distances and is learning how to walk up and down stairs safely.
Advertise with the Surrey Advertiser, News & Mail and Staines Informer The Surrey Advertiser, News & Mail and Staines Informer are part of Trinity Mirror Southern, offering you unique access to our audience across the region online and in print. 80% of our visitors**, who view an average of 2,616,228* page impressions every month, are in the desirable ABC1 socio-economic groups. We are part of Trinity Mirror Southern, offering you unique access to our audience across the region online and in print.. She has been editorial director of the online and print titles in Surrey and north-east Hampshire since 2007. Does anyone know of a website that you can enter basic details in about your horse and it can then create a fitness programme for you  to follow?

Our holistic horsemanship approach is leading the way in the horse training industry for the body, mind and spirit of both horse and rider.
Maximise your horse's Biomechanical Efficiency and it will seem like you have a new horse, he will love you!
Have your horse walk on by itself, willingly and calmly, whilst you are relaxed and confident. There’s a lot to take on, what with learning new techniques and letting the horse get used to you too.
Never run up to a horse, or stand behind or directly in front of a horse, as these are blind spots.
Providing the horse with nourishment creates a bond that will really help the animal to get used to you. You can also take the opportunity to check the condition of the horse, as well as cuts or grazes.
Amy Pendleton was born prematurely and eventually diagnosed with global development delay, sensory processing disorder and core stability weakness.
Marnie previously worked at the BBC as a producer for 5 Live, having moved to national radio from BBC Sussex and Surrey. This will avoid any bad habits that might be picked up, and give you a solid foundation in learning to ride.

As a beginner, you’ll need all your concentration for balance and controlling the horse. When starting out, you should be paired with a horse that’s used to riding, and by riders of various skill levels. A year ago she started with Quest Riding for the Disabled (RDA) at Laris Farm in Chobham, an activity that has transformed her strength and confidence.
To get to understand horses, it’s often a good idea to take some time to do some barn chores at local stables. The programme, which will be aired on BBC1 on Sunday at 4.15pm, and repeated next Wednesday at 1pm, will also feature Paralympian Sophie Christiansen, who discusses how she started riding for physiotherapy purposes aged seven and the positive effect it has had on her life. This will give you an insight on a horse’s behaviour, and build your confidence around them.
Hours in the saddle won’t necessarily get your horse fit – you’re just putting more miles on his legs.- Fizzy behaviour? Boredom can cause fizziness, so vary the workload for your horse.- Don’t always canter along the same stretch – the day the ground isn’t good, or you decide you want to walk, you may have a fight on your hands!

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