Even in this modern era, most of the women lack confidence when a couple of guys are around them.
The most important thing that you need to understand is that men are also shy around girls. Understand that it is much better if you approach a guy as compared to a guy approaching you. If you are person who likes to talk, then talk about significant things, not the girly talk which can suck a life out of a man. The first priority of the girl should be to get dressed properly and then think about what she will say.

Men look for signs to understand women and if you are not your natural self, not only will you be uncomfortable, they will also try to avoid you.
This how to be more confident approach is not about body language or voice, but how increased O2 in the brain and body cells boosts your confidence naturally.
This is very common nowadays as some girls tend to be dead quiet when they are around guys.
The only edge they have over women is that they are much better in hiding their nervousness and at times, they do take an initiative to start the conversation with a girl.
This not only gives you the leverage of choice, but also makes a good impression - men like women who are strong from inside.

If your appearance is good, men will automatically be attracted towards you and this will make your job all the more easier.
Note that this is not only the case with girls as most of the guys also feel shy while starting a conversation with a girl.

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