When I first began learning about gentle parenting, I spent a lot of time on parenting boards soaking up the experience and perspective of veteran moms. We need to be an emotional safe harbor for them. If he screams that he hates you, you must have enough love and self-control for both of you in that moment. Limiting choices. Again, this can seem counter-intuitive if you have just made the whole paradigm shift of allowing your children as much power as possible.
Three seems to be one of those make it or break it times for many parents in terms of gentle discipline. Seriously, even the most challenging days are still good ones when they result in stronger relationships. The energy and empathy that you lavish on your child now are worth it. The fights that include me yelling along with (well at) my daughter are the ones that last FOREVER! It is tough to know where the line is, but I think your tips about finding ways to turn it into a “yes” are excellent! I’m really looking forward to starting preschool at home again asap (it was put on hold when I was put on bed-rest). Thank you so much for this, I cant tell you how much I appreciated being able to read somehing that didn’t make me feel like a failure.
All comments are subject to moderation, please see the comment policy for more information. NPN Facebook FAQ: Many parents reach out on our Facebook community to ask about common NP topics. Vidya from VidyaSury helps spread the word about NPN as one of our Social Media volunteers. We often get questions from teachers and parents looking for advice on teaching 2- and 3-year olds, so we’d like to share some ideas on planning a class for these very young learners.
Have the students line up and knock on the classroom door before coming in to join the lesson. Have an activity set up in the classroom so that when the students enter, there is something that immediately interests them and takes their minds off of any worries they may have. Matching or puzzle activities: Cut pictures into two pieces and scatter them around the room. Remember that two-year-olds often like to play around other children, but are still becoming comfortable playing with other children.
Circle time is a good time to introduce or review a language theme, such as animals, food, or emotions (happy, sad, angry). After introducing the language theme for the class, try an activity that allows the children to use, or at least indicate comprehension of, the new language. It’s nice to finish class by giving each student a stamp in their passport (or a handstamp). Some parts of the lesson stay the same almost every week…Hello song, Active song, Passports, Circle Time, Storytime, and Goodbye song. When teaching 2- and 3-year olds, remember that you are not only their first language teacher, you may be their first teacher of any kind. When participating in strength-training, allow a child to take a day off in between strength-training workouts.
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Thanks for the creative Ideas I have a 3 year old brother and it gets hard to think of different things to do with him when I watch him!!!!! Three year olds are masters at pushing buttons, but it can help to reframe it as alerting you to your own needs for healing and growth that might otherwise be overlooked. For some of us, the whole idea of scheduling has taken on evil overtones because of the way some people want to force babies to conform to the clock.
When it seems like your little one is fighting against you (though she really isn’t), you have to fight even harder to maintain loving connections.
She is a perpetual provider of magic mami milk who practices gentle discipline, shares a family bed, homeschools, teaches Spanish, and blogs at Dulce de leche. My son will be 3 tomorrow and tonight there were so many buttons pressed I just wanted to pack my bags and leave.. My little boy and I have sailed through two and wondered what all the other Mums were on about!

With lots of heart and a love of fun, Kat puts her loving and supportive personality to work as a doula and parent coach in New Brunswick, Canada. When she's not writing for NPN you can find her at her blog the Pacific Northwest, parenting twin girls, being AP and mama-hood in general. It’s important to understand that children from 2-3 years old have very limited vocabularies in any language, and from the age of 2 are generally just beginning to string together utterances of more than one word. This is a small signal to the children that they are transitioning to a new setting with new activities.
Ideally, this is a tactile activity that doesn’t require speaking, but can be adapted so the children need to listen to the teacher.
Every Super Simple Songs CD includes both a hello and a goodbye song, so there are many to choose from. Circle time is great for helping children learn to play together and cooperate with other kids.
When possible, real objects are the best way to introduce or review new vocabulary in class. Simple crafts and worksheets are great for keeping the students focused and interested while allowing the teacher to use the target language in a meaningful way.
A certain degree of routine is comforting, and it allows you to have some natural interaction with the children.
Get online (Pinterest is a great resource!) and find some age appropriate crafts that may take a little longer than activities you typically do in class. You have a great opportunity to help your students form positive attitudes not just about language, but learning in general. She has written on health, fitness, fashion, interior design, home decorating,sports and finance for several websites. A lot of pressure is on youth swimmers to perform at the top of their game to win swim meets. Allow a child to try out a variety of different strokes including the breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle and backstroke.
Strength-train two to three times per week, according to the National Academy of Sports Medicine. This can help prevent injury and provide time for a child's muscles to rebuild themselves. If you are new here check out No Time For Flash Cards on Pinterest and join our Facebook community for more great ideas. Tape painters tape sticky side out on a window or wall and have your child stick what they find on it. So often we get wowed by the big shiny complicated things when really the basics are what kids need the most. Many crave sweets around this age, but giving healthier, protein-based alternatives can help avoid blood sugar crashes. All of my kidlets stopped napping by the time they were two, unless we had a particularly fortuitous car ride.
Attention, snuggles or wrestling games, lots of loving words and little surprises (that do not have to purchased) are important to keep their love cups from leaking out.
Each day brings plenty of iced coffee and a fresh lesson in trusting her children, herself and the Love that surrounds and fills us. I spend most days completely overwhelmed and questioning why I am attempting to do gentle discipline when this monster doesn’t seem to care about any consequence at all. My husband definitely feels like I let my children (including my teenager) get away with murder. After a blood test, it turned out he was anemic because calcium blocks the absorption of iron, and he ate yogurt all day long. Being mother to a teenage son, learning languages and a sunny personality are all part of Vidya's life in Southern India.
As such, your main focus with such young learners is not on language production, but language comprehension. Using music to signal transitions really helps young children stay calm while preparing them for something fun and new. You can use it to review the language one more time by asking for items one-by-one by color, shape, or using the vocabulary word.

When introducing toys, for example, it’s much more exciting and interesting for young children to see and feel the actual toys. Be sure to sing and gesture both verses before starting to read to give the students time to settle down. Some of the most useful language in class can come during passport time from interacting with each child one-on-one. Zehr possesses a Bachelor of Arts in communication from the University of Pittsburgh, a Master of Arts in professional writing from Chatham University and a graduate certificate in health promotion from California University of Pennsylvania.
Some swimmers might be naturally fast while others may require training to reach improved swimming times.
The American Heart Association recommends that children participate in 60 minutes of cardiovascular exercise per day. Have a child pick another sport or physical activity -- including running, brisk walking, jumping rope, basketball, dancing, soccer or aerobics.
With her brother home from school for the summer my attempts at forcing the issue have been met with refusal.
Unless, of course, you’re raising a boy on dress-up and dolls, although that would be unorthodox.
Many mothers who posted were overwhelmed, questioning everything they had ever tried and ready to throw in the towel on gentle discipline.
We are deep in the throes of all that it means to be three, magnified by her intense personality.
Have you ever had a day when you were tired or anxious and even little decisions like what to wear or what to eat were almost too much? Choice can be exhausting.
Anyone who has ever had anemia knows it is very difficult to keep a lid on your emotions when you are exhausted beyond words, which is how he was feeling. You’ll want to engage the children in interesting, comprehensible activities while providing them with lots and lots of input. It’s very simple and fun, and stresses building confidence with its easy to follow gestures.
Ideally, the book is related to the thematic language of that class, but it doesn’t need to be.
Children can be very sad to see classtime come to an end, but when you give the students stickers or stamps in their passports it eases any disappointment they may feel.
Some things change a little but are still familiar…different songs, different sorting activities, and different language themes.
Through regular exercise, swim practice and strength-training, 11- to 12-year-olds can improve their swimming times. I am going to try again in a month when her brother returns to school but in the meantime she has quiet time, earlier bedtimes and lots of simple activities like these peppered throughout the day. Those who had passed safely to four and beyond, if they hadn’t blocked out the traumatic memories, responded with heartfelt commiseration. So on a rough day, it might mean that instead of asking them to choose, you select something that you believe they will like.
You can try to move up bedtime, or offer a quiet time during the day, but you can’t make someone fall asleep, even when they are tired. Call each child one by one and let them choose a sticker for their passport by asking, “What color do you want?” After, keep the passports on the teacher’s table to return at the end of class. Flashcards can work well as a substitute, but always look for interesting ways to introduce the cards. All the students will enjoy listening and responding through dance and gestures, and you’ll soon find them singing without any prompting. Sometimes the best you can do is provide the opportunity and help them deal with the fallout if they miss it.
When the children enter, show them you are trying to find the matching piece to one of the halves by just going around the classroom trying to make a match.
Two-and three-year-olds really love sorting and cleaning up, so as long as you mix up the sortables (buttons, straws, bean bags, etc.), you can do this kind of activity over and over.

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