Kumar (Siddharth) works in an IT firm and is a shy, introvert who finds it difficult to strike a conversation with a female.
He is all in awe of his colleague (Ganesh Venkartram), a Casanova and smart achiever for whom all the women fall for. He, however, swears off girls and love because of bad experiences in his childhood and teenage. To improve his self-confidence and be smart he takes the help of a love guru Mokia (Santhanam) who advices him on how to win over Sanjana. One day,a new employee, Sanjana (Hansika Motwani) joins his office and he falls in love with her.

Unable to convey his feelings, he seeks the help of Mokia (Santhanam), a man who earns a living by helping men impress their lovers. He makes Kumar spread a false rumour that Sanjana is seeing her boss, George (Ganesh Venkatraman).
George then asks her to be his girlfriend in quarterly bash in their office, coincidentally when Kumar was planning to confess his love for Sanjana. Sanjana and Kumar finally get together but Mokia tries to break them apart after he discovers that Sanjana is actually his sister. Then, Kumar admits to Sanjana that he manipulated her feelings but then seeks her forgiveness.

Then they get back together, even with the acceptance of Mokia who sees Kumar’s true love for his sister.

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