Whitea€™s U-Pick-It Delivery System allows you to have multiple pick-up locations for uniform retrieval without an increase in personnel. White Conveyors newest addition to the patented Compu-SortA® line, The Mercury Order Assembly System (OAS), automatically sorts and assembles customer orders effortlessly.
Automated Comp-U-Sort Systems were designed to improve productivity by providing a more efficient means of sorting garments on hangers. According to the garment industry development plan of Ministry of Trade and Industry, until 2020 the garment industry will become one of the key industries, export-oriented and be able to meet the high demand of consumers; create more jobs for labours and be more attractive to foreign investment in Vietnam. With such achieved result, garment industry became the second highest export value industry only after mobile and components industry. As estimated in this year, there are about 3,000 garment companies in Vietnam – 25 percent of which are FDI companies.

And the ready built factory for lease of Kizuna Rental Serviced Factory Area is attracting many foreign investors by many advantages: convenient location, tax incentives, worker recruitment support, high quality infrastructure,… which help the tenants to save cost, save time and establish their business quickly and effectively.
For over a half century, White has surpassed established industry standards for efficiency, reliability, and overall value.
And because the system is activated by an ID card, no issuing or bag return attendant is needed.
Common applications include: high volume industrial laundries, institutional laundries, dry cleaners and retail organizations requiring an automated sorting, storage and retrieval capability.
Garment companies have tended to choose Vietnam as a best destination for foreign investment in anticipation of forthcoming the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP). Kizuna Rental Serviced Factory has a good relationship with government authorities in Long An and many partners and this will create a great business support for investors.

Re-loading the system (with clean uniforms) can take place during off-peak times, by a single attendant.
Analysts estimate that once Viet Nam becomes a TPP member, products made from domestic materials or imported from other TPP member countries will enjoy zero tariff when exported to TPP member countries and average tax on garments will come down from the current rate to zero. The U-Pick-It system delivers advanced, cost-effective garment handling with less manpower. The configuration can modified to accommodate additional drop stations and a second load station.

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