Oh and, the default wallpaper is slightly changed too, & overall, I like the collection of wallpapers included in this release as well.
In all my reviews, before measuring the power, I turn on the Wi-Fi (connected to my wireless router), turn off the Bluetooth adapter, set the screen to its maximum brightness level (and disable dimming, screensaver, if any etc) and let it idle. When your computer’s screen is at idle, meaning when there is no activity, the frames rate should be set around zero. On HUD it was just a little bit higher, but I guess that’s due to the blinking cursor mostly.
Even though I was able to log back in, but I lost the opened tabs of Chrome, though there are ways to recover from that, the data of the apps I had opened in Guest OS under Virtualbox, well, they were gone!. Then I observe the cursor’s sensitivity, how many programs get opened, the quality of the multimedia playback, all before the file finishes copying.
VLC was able to open the multimedia file quickly (sure the playback got interrupted 2 or 3 times, but they were very short lived), most of the programs got opened up before the file was copied (yes, Dash found the ones I searched for without huge delays). If you use Ubuntu 15.04, then in comparison, performance-wise, there are no major differences (well, except for the increase in the memory usage).
I changed the scheduler because I had problems with opengl programs after upgrading to 15.10. I will keep your warning about VBox and Chrome in mind, since I usually run 2 VMs, Firefox and Chromium.
At idle, other processes did not interact with the CPU for longer periods, except for the Gnome3 ‘system monitor’ process which kept using 2-3% CPU cycles (this is a known observation in my experience).
I came across a problem when working on a Drupal user registration form which had to include an accept terms and conditions checkbox.
One problem remained though - if I submitted the registration form without ticking the mandatory terms of use checkbox, the form validation worked in that it stopped me proceeding, and I saw the You must agree with the Terms of Use to get an account error message at the top of the form, but there was no visual highlighting of the checkbox in question. A poke around with firebug confirmed that the form API has been cajoled into doing its form_set_error thing, and the checkbox had the error class. I checked in several other browsers (lots of screenshots included with this post) - it looked like the IEs and Opera were the only browsers which rendered the red border around the checkbox - Firefox, Chrome and Safari did not.
My workaround is to override the theme function for a checkbox, and to wrap checkboxes with the 'error' class in a span which I can then style. The results are not visually perfect - the red border on my span doesn't always hug the edges of the checkbox very neatly - particularly in the browsers which don't render the red border around the checkbox, as they tend to be the ones which are rendering shadows or other fancy effects. But the class "checkbox-error" will not set on the checkboxes or on the labels when i will save the noce-form without fill out the checkbox!
Matthias, it sounds like you don't have the actual 'error' class which should be set by Drupal itself - my theme code needs that to be there. Unix systems, and other Unix-like operating systems, use the term "swap" to describe both the act of moving memory pages between RAM and disk, and the region of a disk the pages are stored on. When trying to install a different version of Ubuntu my PC tells me that an error has occurred will trying to create a swap partition, why? Command swapspace can be used to have dynamically sized swap memory, but how do you setup encryption with it?

I know that free -m will print all the free and used memory values, including the values for Swap. I'm in the process of moving my swap partition between two disks and I encountered this behaviour that makes me uncomfortable removing my old swap. I have enough RAM for most purposes, but sometimes I inevitably get carried away with the number of apps and tabs I have open, pushing short-term memory storage into swap. Have you already tried to increase video memory and enable 3D acceleration in display settings? Browse other questions tagged 14.04 system-installation virtualbox crash or ask your own question. HHVM stands for HipHop Virtual Machine, is an open source virtual machine created for running Hack (it’s a programming language for HHVM) and PHP written applications. At this point, you should be able to navigate to following URL and you will able to see Nginx or Apache default page. Installing HHVM will start it up now, but it not configured to auto start at next system boot. To make Nginx to talk with HHVM, we need to run the following include script that will configure nginx correctly by placing a hhvm.conf at the beginning of the nginx config as mentioned above.
These steps are very easy to follow and hope your find this tutorial useful and if you get any error during installation of any packages, post a comment and we shall find solutions together. The material in this site cannot be republished either online or offline, without our permission.
If the frame rate is significantly higher than zero at idle, it means more work for your GPU which ultimately leads to more power consumption and in some extreme cases, your fans will be forced to operate at higher speeds thus increasing the noises as well.
So I searched for a solution to figure out what is going on and that’s how I came across this handy Compiz plugin (Compiz is the window manager of Ubuntu.
So out of this habit, when reviewing Ubuntu releases, I just run this plugin and see if such issues are there. As I briefly mentioned earlier, even if the frame rates were set around zero on Dash when it was in fullscreen (default), as soon I unmaximized it, it started to fluctuate around 15-19 frames per second!. But on two occasions, while I was using Google Chrome & Virtualbox (yes I had them manually installed), I was forcefully logged out of the desktop and brought to the login window. Not only VLC was unable to start to play the file before the file was finished copying, except for one, it was very difficult to even try to open apps by searching in Dash as even for the applications that I knew were included by default (such as LibreOffice), after a long delay, Dash failed to find them!. However, styling form elements - particularly the different types of inputs - with CSS has always been a bit hit-and-miss. Anyway the point is there's now something you can hang your hat on CSS-wise, and that actually shows up in all the major browsers.
In some of those systems, it is common to use a separate whole partition of a hard disk for swapping.
It ended up being permissions on the laptop I was on and that until settee gs were changed in the BIOS, all I coyld do was install a 32 bit version. HHVM uses a last minute compilation path to achieve remarkable performance while keeping the flexibility that PHP programmers are addicted to.

For this setup, we will use Ubuntu 15.04 (64-bit) as HHVM runs on 64-bit system only, although Debian and Linux Mint distributions are also supported. In this step, we will install MariaDB, as it providers better performance as compared to MySQL. After setting root password for MariaDB, you can connect to MariaDB prompt with the new root password. And, I took five samples of each test before coming up with the average values, except while measuring the power usage since there’s actually tool which when you once run, takes a lot of samples and is quite accurate. Anyhow, the installation was carried out without any issues whatsoever and unlike many other distributions, Ubuntu 15.10 was able to correctly identify Fedora 22 and had added an entry in the GRUB menu. And according to my data, little by little with each release, Ubuntu is getting slower to boot. In other words, it could be either worse or not an issue at all, depending on your hardware configuration.
For instance, in KDE and in XFCE, I’ve seen everything (system monitor process included) being frozen (zero activity) for couple of seconds. I was using the handy terms of use module, which works around the mandatory checkbox problems with or without the help of the checkbox_validate module. The 2px solid red border that the stylesheets specified should be around the checkbox was nowhere to be seen. It’s not recommended to upgrade your existing working Ubuntu OS because of the beta version ( Final version released now). Till date, HHVM has achieved over a 9x increase in http request throughput and more than 5x cut in memory utilization (when running on low system memory) for Facebook compared with the PHP engine + APC (Alternative PHP Cache). So, it’s your choice which web server you will going to use, but here we will show you both web servers installation and how to use them with HHVM. You need to add the HHVM repository to your sources.list file and then you have to update your repository list using following series of commands.
On Linux Mint installation instructions are same, but petra is the only currently supported distribution.
Sure they pop-up here and there, but there are time-periods where there is zero CPU activity.
Configure enough of RAM and hard disk.2) Download correct type of installation ISO file from here (Official site)3) Increase video memory and enable 3D under display option. Please share your results on comments area.Make sure virtual machine is having internet with download access.

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