Whether its depression, distress, or a life loaded with disasters, we attract situations in our lives simply by the way we think. Herein what you need to do is to continuously tell yourself or remind yourself about some positive thing in order to achieve that desired result. Secondly, you can also affirm by standing in front of the mirror and telling yourself repeatedly that you are the best for this job. Mind control The key to increasing your mindpower is to make a link of communication between your conscious mind and the subconscious.
To conclude, it can be said that the power of the subconscious mind is vaster in scope and possibilities than can be imagined and hence manipulating the same should never be underestimated.
This subconscious mind power, truly has the power to completely change our world if we take control of it. Improve Your Mood, Improve Your Brain FunctionThere are a number of benefits that come from happiness. Image via Shutterstock According to Subramaniam, however, faking happiness could have beneficial effects. A recent study at the University of Columbia in New York found that people eating primarily a plant based diet with healthy fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, seafood, and healthy fats such as olive oil, were found to have the lowest incidence of Alzheimer’s disease. This type of diet is also been called the “Mediterranean Diet,” a popular heart healthy regime that is very popular and has had many studies proving its efficacy for heart disease, diabetes, and yes even Alzheimer’s disease. When it comes to brain health, we need fats from healthy omega 3 fatty acids which are prevalent in wild cold water fish such as salmon, sardines, and tuna fish.
Avocados have a specific type of fat called oleic acid which helps to build brain tissue called “myelin.” Myelin actually makes up a protective coating of the brain.
This brain healthy food source is rich in B-vitamins and riboflavin which provides energy to brain cells. Be sure to soak it overnight (just like you do beans and legumes) to ensure that it is not too hard after cooking. Flax seeds have long been known to be a super brain food due to its omega 6 fatty acids called GLA, used for building healthy nerve cells in the brain.
Raw sesame butter is a brain super food because it contains a high level of zinc-important in memory and brain development.  Zinc also promotes the brain’s defense system and helps promote enzymes that keep trace minerals at a proper level in the brain.
Now that you know which super foods are healthy for Alzheimer’s nutrition, you can start making the shift toward eating a diet that may even lead to prevention of Alzheimer’s disease every day. A prime example of this is if you go to work and the employer doesn’t believe you have faith in your very own capabilities.
This is a stress response to the job which you find boorish and it cuts of the vital energy required for you to complete the same.

There are several ways to establish this communication and through it, develop your mindpower. By repeating a positive phrase, to yourself several times a day your subconscious mind eventually gets the message!
If you can put it in your mind in a positive way, and really store it in your subconscious mind you will change your life.
There's some truth to the cliches, though—a happier mood can make a world of difference for both your outlook and your brain. The better your mood, the better thinker and problem solver you'll become.Karuna Subramaniam recently examined the effects of a happy, positive outlook on individuals' brains, and found that positivity not only affects cognition, but also creativity. William Klem, who writes for Psychology Today, our mood determines how our brain prepares us for what we might face. Changing your point of view with phrases like the above cliches or even mantras can help you gain the same cognitive benefits as those who are naturally happy. Klem notes that research beyond Subramaniam's has explored what happens to individuals when they try to reframe their mindset and look at things in a more positive manner. After all, we know that faking a smile is both obvious and unhelpful when it comes to others' perceptions of our attitude.
Real, authentic happiness was tested in the study, but fake happiness was easy to achieve and yielded the same results.Simply thinking positively and remembering happy experiences was enough to create the same benefits within participants' brains. In fact, the brain requires a quarter of the nutrients in your blood system to function normally. Iron also helps to deliver oxygen to tissues in the body, including brain tissue, and helps improve mood because it’s responsible for assisting in the formation of dopamine (a neurotransmitter in the brain that has to do with mood). Flax seeds don’t really have much taste. Try sprinkling them on your cereal or putting them in smoothies, salads, or on yogurt to increase your daily intake. While it’s okay to eat as many fresh green super foods as you want, over eating even the healthy omega 3 and 6 fatty acids can lead to excessive weight gain which could counteract the health benefits of many of these super foods. When participants were asked to complete problem-solving tasks, those who were in a good mood came up with more innovative solutions.But the benefits didn't end there.
When we're in a good mood, our brain releases dopamine, which is triggered by positive feelings or reward.
When we hear words and are asked to associate them with other words, those who come up with more positive words reap the same benefits as those who have a happy outlook.You can try to achieve the same effects by tricking yourself into happier thinking patterns.
In fact, even those with disorders such as depression and schizophrenia were able to see the same effects.

With that being said, it’s obvious that eating a nutritious diet loaded with healthy fats and other brain foods may help with Alzheimer’s prevention. But what are these super brain foods and how can we be sure to get enough of them in our every day diet?
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Now on the various other hand, you will have the right mindset if you know you are the best at exactly what you do. Affirmation can be said to be the most basic and simple technique to harness the power of the subconscious. Subramaniam also discovered that a sunny, optimistic perspective made participants more attentive, better at uncovering and deciphering symbols, and an increased ability to switch between different tasks. And as an added bonus, many experts recommend Omega 3 fatty acids for weight loss as well as Alzheimer’s prevention.
Firstly, you can affirm by reminding yourself about all the positives that will follow if you do the job. As long as they’re repeated consistently, affirmations really do work to change the message is your subconscious mind received.
That attentiveness, or increased perception, helps make our brain more flexible and able to think outside the box.
Try associating different words with positive ones, and you might find yourself feeling a little better about the day ahead.
I have thought for many years there was a critical link between nutrition and ALZ, but until recently no one has voiced the same concern. Communicate with your subconscious mind directly and tell it what to do differently, and it will respond. Rather than relying on our conscious, we engage that prefrontal cortex, which makes us more attune to stimuli.Overall, a happy attitude makes us more perceptive and better able to read problems.
I have been a professional chef for 25 years, and understand the value of nutrition in the human body.This important tool needs to be made available now please. As a result, we are better able to take in the details and uncover unique routes and methods to solve problems.

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