Evaluation of Physeal Behavior in Response to Epiphyseodesis with the Use of Serial Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Need for Concomitant Proximal Fibular Epiphysiodesis When Performing a Proximal Tibial Epiphysiodesis. In Illinois their measure to increase cigarette taxes by a full dollar, bringing their cigarette taxes to nearly two dollars now, is now in full effect. The fact is that there have been numerous people who have said that the tax increase may work towards discouraging smokers from smoking.

The tax in and of itself was not unexpected, but something that many have wondered is whether the motive for the increase was purely monetary or if there was some other ulterior motive. It seems as though they are doing their best all across the country to enact a form of passive aggressive prohibition by making smokers simply no want to smoke.
This is essentially a way to strong arm smokers into not smoking, though nobody is willing to call it what it is.
It seems like any method they can use to get people to stop smoking is acceptable, even if it means taking the free will of the smoker out of the equation.

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