Originally published on October 15, 2015 2:18 pm For the third time this decade, millions of Americans will not see an annual cost-of-living increase next year, the Obama administration announced Thursday. Bad: De la Vega also wants to reduce device subsidies, meaning you and I might have to pay $300, or even $400, for our next device. Brandon’s deep love of technology stems from watching the Back to the Future trilogy one-too-many times. Originally published on August 14, 2015 11:52 am For wildlife biologists, unmanned aerial vehicles are like a dream come true. Originally published on January 19, 2016 1:27 pm Asian-Americans are a bit of a voting paradox. Women's health groups campaigned hard to make a generic — and often cheaper — emergency contraceptive pill more widely available. The Food and Drug Administration has decided to allow generic versions of the most popular form of emergency contraceptive pills to be sold over the counter, without age restrictions, after all.
The aggregate supply curve shifts rightward (from AS1 to AS2) when resource prices fall or technology improves, and shifts leftward (from AS1 to AS3) when price expectations increase and wages rise as a result. The LRAS is drawn at the potential level of real GDP, Yp, which exists when the natural rate of unemployment is reached.
When aggregate demand falls, the economy moves along the aggregate supply curve to a new equilibrium: P2 and Y2. If labor receives a large wage increase, the aggregate supply curve will shift to the left. If economists predict higher prices next year, price expectations cause resource prices to rise now. Data on periods of expansion or contraction in output are not sufficient to identify whether the periods are dominated by AD shifts or AS shifts. Social Security recipients only see a rise in the cost of living adjustment if prices increase. The news by the Social Security Administration confirms a move that was already widely expected. The ideas are currently being mulled over behind the scenes at AT&T,  so nothing is a certainty yet.
Wildlife ecologists in Minnesota found that black bears in their study experienced an increase in heart rate when buzzed by drones. Instead of struggling through rugged, difficult terrain to get to the animal they want to study, they can just send in a drone with a camera. Voter turnout has been low among Asian-Americans in recent elections, but a new superPAC hopes to increase it. They're the fastest growing minority group in the country, but they're also the least likely to vote.
Last July, after a decade-long battle and under court order, the FDA removed the age restriction on sales of Plan B One-Step, which can prevent most pregnancies if taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex for women who weigh less than 165 pounds. The aggregate demand curve differs from the demand curve for an individual good because the aggregate demand curve is the demand curve for total output. The aggregate supply curve differs from the supply curve for an individual good because the former relates the quantity supplied of aggregate output, rather than individual good output, to the general price level rather than to an individual price. In the short-run, resource costs are fixed so that a higher price level causes profits to rise and induces firms to expand production. If the unemployment rate falls below the natural rate, then output will rise beyond Yp, so SRAS can lie to the right of LRAS.

In the short run, an equilibrium below potential Y can exist, but when people correct their price expectations, the short-run aggregate supply curve shifts rightward to restore equilibrium at potential Y. This leads to a reduction in Japanese net exports and a leftward shift in the aggregate demand curve.
The economy is producing at the potential level of real GDP when its productive capacity is operating at its most efficient level -- less than 100 percent capacity. We would need to know additional information such as why the AD and AS curves were shifting, such as changes in buying levels or production levels.
It cited a drop in consumer prices over the past year as the main factor for not triggering the automatic increase. Rather than requiring folks to have separate plans for each of their devices, AT&T would instead let tablets sip off the same data a smartphone uses. And as drones get cheaper and more available, everyone in biology seems to have new ideas for how to use them, says Mark Ditmer, a wildlife ecologist at the University of Minnesota, St. Take the 2012 election — Asian-Americans voted Democrat in higher numbers than ever before (73 percent cast a ballot for Barack Obama). But in approving the product for sale without prescription, the FDA also granted Teva Pharmaceuticals, the drug's maker, an additional three years of protection from generic competition because it conducted an additional market study on the product's use by teenagers.
In other words the slope of the aggregate demand curve does not depend on the substitution effect.
The closer we get to capacity output, the less output rises given a price level rise so the curve gets steeper as more and more firms reach their maximum short-term output. Expected higher prices also cause current expenditures to increase, resulting in the aggregate demand curve shifting to the right. In the short-run, the economy could be producing at a level of capacity utilization greater than this efficient point. It further requires students to explore the impact of shifts of the Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply Curves on the economy.
As NPR's Scott Horsley tells our Newscast unit, the Consumer Price Index — the formula the federal government uses to measure how prices of items we need change over time — remained flat. Women's health groups who had campaigned hard to make the product more widely available were disappointed in that decision because Plan B One-Step is considerably more expensive than its generic competition — often by at least $10. Also, the demand for total output is a function of the general price level instead of an individual product's price.
When resource prices increase, the aggregate supply curve shifts to the left because profits are smaller at each price level.
To try and narrow that discrepancy, a group of Asian-Americans have created the AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) Victory Fund. When expected prices are higher, and labor negotiates a higher wage today, the aggregate supply curve will shift to the left.
And that means no cost of living increase for some 65 million Americans who receive Social Security benefits. In an 11-page letter to those generic competitors sent earlier this week, Kathleen Uhl, acting director of the FDA's Office of Generic Drugs, wrote that Teva's contention that competitors should not be allowed to sell their products over the counter without age restrictions "is too broad." In something of a compromise, the FDA now says the generic versions of the product must still say on their labels that they are intended for "women 17 years of age or older," but they may be sold directly from retail shelves without a requirement to produce proof of age. This leads to an increase in interest rates, which results in a reduction in the aggregate demand for output.
This is only the third time that's happened since 1975, when automatic inflation adjustments began. He wondered how drones could change an animal's life: "What's the effect on the individual when we have this drone flying in close and kind of watching them?" Ditmer realized he could explore this question by flying drones over some black bears in Minnesota that were already being monitored for a different study.

Third, when the price level increases relative to foreign prices, net exports fall, which results in a smaller level of aggregate demand for output.
The details of what he discovered — that the drones significantly changed the heart rates of the bears — were just published in the journal Current Biology. They say they'll support a specific candidate after the nominating conventions, but their current focus is energizing Asians to vote. The Asian-American electorate is small — in 2012, Asians made up just 3 percent of the electorate — but they have sizable populations in key battleground states. The AAPI Victory Fund is not focused on traditional superPAC activities like TV ad buys, but instead, it's laser-focused on a simple data-driven task: increase voter registration in six states where the Asian population is potentially larger than the margin of victory — Ohio, Virginia, Nevada, North Carolina, Colorado and Florida. Since there's no cost of living adjustment, officials say, the maximum amount of earnings subject to the Social Security tax will remain unchanged. Only about 56 percent of eligible Asian-Americans nationwide were registered to vote in 2012.
We're under-registered in every one of the target states we have selected," said Narasimhan during a press conference launching the fund at the National Press Club on Thursday. That means that any future benefit increases must reflect gains over the level of summer 2014, which was higher than this year, and could hold down raises in 2017." Copyright 2015 NPR.
Tim Kaine from Virginia and Deputy Secretary of Labor Chris Lu, who is known as one of the highest-ranking Asian-Americans in the Obama administration.
The fund is trying to increase the voter registration rate by 8 percent in each of its target battleground states.
It then wants to mobilize Asians to vote for a "progressive" candidate, by focusing on three issues where they think the disparate Asian community would align: immigration, education and civil rights.
That last part is tricky because although Asian-Americans have voted Democrat in recent presidential elections, they're highly unaffiliated. In the 2014 midterm election, the GOP actually won the Asian vote over Democrats, though narrowly (50 percent to 49 percent). These days, the RNC is actively recruiting Asian voters in some of the same battleground states the AAPI Victory Fund is targeting, such as Nevada and Virginia.
But, the founders of this new superPAC suggest the tone of the current campaign, particularly around immigration, could unify the Asian community toward a more progressive candidate.
There is a frankly, shocking narrative of division, absolute hate and total bigotry," said AAPI Victory Fund co-founder and California tech entrepreneur Dilawar Syed.
Both Syed and Narasimhan say the only way to counter the rhetoric is to convince more Asians to vote.
Historically, politicians and campaigns haven't tried very hard to mobilize the Asian community much — it's challenging and expensive.
For starters, there's no Univision or Telemundo for Asian-Americans — they speak many different languages, and come from 20-plus countries.
The AAPI Victory Fund says it will start with $100,000, but expects it will need "several millions of dollars" to do this work. It's hoping to raise the rest of the money from fellow Asian-Americans, including at a secondary launch in California's Silicon Valley at the end of the month.Copyright 2016 NPR.

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