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In the Version A, we use UNIX socket to send the original file content to another application, then receive the process result generate the required file.
I would guess that version A is allocating memory for the file contents, and the memory manager isn't returning the memory to the system when it is freed (as it correctly knows the memory will be reused). Possibly you are getting memory fragmentation which is stopping blocks of memory being returned to the OS.
First i also think it is the memory fragmentation reason, i also use tcmalloc, and jemalloc, the result is same, i didn't known tcmalloc or jemalloc well, seems them will divided memory into small block, large block. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged c++ linux memory-leaks virtual-memory or ask your own question.
Is there any truth to interpreting definition of a second as corresponding to oscillations? Memory reservation settings are static, meaning that when you change the memory configuration of the virtual machine itself the memory reservation remains the same. The web client is redesigned and shows the memory configuration and reservation in a single screen. Today, I use a powercli script to reajust VM memory in depending of their service level agrement.
If your application uses caching, such as java or Oracle workloads, it might be better to have the virtual memory backed by physical memory at all times. Virtual Memory is one of the vital factor for your system's performance.In this article I am going to tell you how to increase your virtual memory size which can result in increasing performance. How to increase Virtual Memory sizeIf your computer is slower then one of the most vital causes is the installed RAM.
Related ArticlesHow to resolve "System Process - Out of Virtual Memory" System Process - Out of Virtual Memory or your system is running low on virtual memory is the error message that we generally get on the daily using computers. CommentsGuest Author: Balaji04 Mar 2015Thanks for sharing such useful links with screenshot.

During installation Windows XP creates a default swap file on the same disk as your Windows installation. In many cases the default value is not sufficient and you can run into memory problems, or rather out of memory errors. The values in the Total paging file size for all drives group can help you decide on the amount, but simply try doubling the maximum size if you have sufficient free hard disk space. Tip:If you have multiple hard disks in your computer, you can improve your computer performance by moving the page file to a different drive. Regarding your PC performance, also don’t forget to clean up your disk and run disk defragmentation maybe every 3 months. Most users set a virtual machine memory reservation to prevent memory reclamation and to ensure stable performance levels.
If you want to keep the reservation equal to the virtual machine memory reservation, the UI (included in both the vSphere client and the web client) offers the setting: “Reserve all guest memory (all locked)”.
Within the vSphere client the memory configuration and the memory reservation settings do not share the same screen. Yet having a setting that automates and controls alignment of memory configuration and reservation reduce the change for human error.
If your RAM size is small and you are running more applications at a time, then you may face different problems. The Windows XP operating system is the primary application that is running on the computer, and it uses internal memory itself to load the kernel, device drivers and various processes. The swap file size is also a default value and depends on the size of the internal memory in your computer. I have tried another case, don't send the file through the Unix socket, use system function, call the another application generate the required file, it shows that the memory will not increase. I have tried another case, don't send the file through the Unix socket, use system function, call the another application generate the required file, it shows that the memory will not increase. While changing the memory configuration one can easily forget to adjust the memory reservation.

Both next-gen consoles have created quite a buzz in the market ever since they have launched. Virtual memory is also referred to as a paging file since memory ‘pages’ are unloaded from memory and stored on disk in the paging file. Most people who have, probably have it installed on a computer that sometimes can be a little slow or they dont have a large amount of RAM. This concept of swapping memory pages from internal memory and hard disk is briefly called swapping, hence the third possible name, swap file. If you receive warnings that your is low, youll need to increase the minimum size of your paging file.
Rightclick on "My Computer" Click on "Properties" Page 1 of 10 Optimizing This will appear.
I have 65% of my disk space free on the drive, and removed all of the McAfee programs to be able to use the DSL. Setting to system managed size means will set it to higher size whenever needed automatically,for this You can easily increase by following the steps below.
Ascertain that is set at" Maximum (for X-Plane only): 2147352576" ) before increasing to 3GB. Parts of this page have information taken from MS MVP Alex Nichols excellent article about found HERE. The has three sections, one of which is (bottom) and that section has a "Change" button you should click-on.
Unless you know more about managing your VM than does, you should let manage the VM for you.

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