Delivered and installed new 12 volt Trojan Brand 30XHS 130 ah deep cycle batteries to San Clemente. The GEM Car will get 30 miles of driving range on a new set of 12 volt batteries rated at 130 ah.
If you're having trouble starting your car or if it's been several years since you've replaced your vehicle's power source, it may be time to shop for a new car battery. Since your battery is such an important part of your car, buying the right replacement model is essential. Before you go shopping, you need to identify the type of battery that's currently in your car. Visit the manufacturer's website to see if they have an owner services department where you can download an electronic manual for your vehicles.
Now that you know what you're shopping for, it's tempting to start comparing battery prices. Cold cranking amps (CCA) is the measure of a battery's ability to start your vehicle in cold weather conditions. Reserve capacity is the number of minutes your car might run using the battery alone should your alternator fail. Group size refers to the outside dimensions and placement of power terminals on the battery. Buying the right battery for your car is important for safety reasons, so write down everything you know about your battery. Installing a new battery can be dangerous, since car batteries contain very strong acids and can discharge large amounts of electricity. Buy a car battery with the longest reserve capacity possible, since you may need it in emergency situations when your vehicle has stalled or will not start. What would you do if your car ran out of batteries in the middle of nowhere and calling someone is not an option? How many of us have tried to be a grease monkey, while changing our car batteries but ended up being just a monkey who had grease all over him?
Start thinking about the time when you last replaced your car battery or got it replaced via mechanic. Make sure you have with you a combination wrench, wire brush or steel wool, and of course, a new battery. Using both your hands and putting all your strength into it, pull up the battery out of your car. Now that your battery is out of the battery tray, it’s probably a good time to clean it up using a wire brush or steel wool.
Now again using both your hands and putting all your strength into it, pull up the new battery and place it in that tray you just cleaned, on top of the cardboard or newspaper. Reattach the battery - while the red cable belongs to the positive terminal, the black one belongs to the negative terminal. Installing a car battery is not like asking a carpenter to perform a surgery over a patient. PMC Super Tuners Inc - Mobile Auto Repair, Roadside Assistance, St Louis, St Charles, MO, Car Repair, install, replace, change, flat, spare, tire, dead, battery, alternator, starter, Diagnostic, Mechanic Shop, Tune up, Service, Motorcycle, ATV, SUV, Truck, Van, RV, boat, On The Spot.

We specialize in helping our customers to fix, maintain and repair their: automobile, motorcycle, scooter, ATV, SUV, truck, or van with diagnostics, repair and roadside assistance service on the spot. It is interesting to note that the Gel type deep cycle batteries are rated at 105 ah, much less than the wet cell or flooded batteries like the 30XHS.
Auto repair purchases can be intimidating, but knowing how to buy a car battery can take the guesswork out of this important automotive decision.
Even if you don't plan to buy the battery there, you can find out exactly what kind of battery you need from someone in the service department.
Many parts stores employ knowledgeable individuals who can help you identify your car's battery. However, you won't know whether you're comparing like models if you don't have a basic understanding of the terminology used with auto batteries. The size of the battery CCA rating should meet or exceed the car's OEM (original equipment manufacturer) cranking rate. Vehicle makes have different group sizes, but you should always go with the group size that's recommended for your car. Be sure to check with more than one source, so you can get the best deal on your new battery.
If you're not trained in auto mechanics, you may want to leave the installation to the professionals. Some places, like auto dealerships and some repair shops, may charge you extra for installation.
If there’s a definite audible noise, there might be some problem other than a dead battery. Now place a cardboard or some old newspaper in the tray area so as not to get the below of your new battery dirty and scuffed up. Put the key into ignition as quickly as possible, start it, and accelerate away as fast as you can, lest you get mugged. Call us for help fixing most anything, from basic car repairs, tune ups, no starts, and dead battery issues to starter or alternator problems. We have met the automotive repair needs of thousands of customers in St Louis and St Charles Mo. The battery also provides the power for lighting and accessories and gives power to the electrical system of your vehicle when the charging system is not operational. If the battery fails after this date, you will only get a pro-rated credit towards your new battery. As an educated consumer, you're far more likely to get a great deal on the very best battery for your car. Now using the wrench, tighten the nuts to perfection to avoid further stoppages if you’re stuck in a God forsaken place. Not only do we help fix cars, we also check out used cars, autos, motorcycles, SUVs, vans, and trucks, on the spot, with a service called a used car consultation. Charles County, and have maintained an "A+ rating" with the Better Business Bureau of Missouri. We also offer regular preventive maintenance for your vehicle to prevent those untimely and inconvenient break downs.

This maximizes the use of your time at home or work without wreaking havoc on your schedule. Buying a battery online may be more affordable, but you'll have to pay someone to install it.
And it may seem herculean of a task to those who had all hell broken lose on themselves when they were learning how to drive a car. With PMC Super Tuners, there's no sitting in a dirty car repair shop for hours, or worse: waiting for days. To read the article or watch the news clip, and read the reviews from some of our customers, visit our Automotive Repair Testimonials Page.
PMC Super Tuners is a mobile auto repair shop with professional mechanics who deliver roadside assistance. When your check engine light is on, call our mobile automotive repair service and we'll send out a mechanic to run a diagnostic computer scan.
Call PMC Super Tuners for quality preventive maintenance, diagnostics, and roadside car repair that you can trust, on the spot at your location!
If there is more repair needed than our technician can perform on the spot, the technician can give you an honest assessment of the problem. If you are looking for a company that delivers professional-quality automotive repair, roadside assistance, and general vehicle repair while working around your busy schedule, then look no further than PMC Super Tuners for all your car, motorcycle, SUV, truck, van, and ATV repair needs.
We offer no start diagnostics, computer scans, jump starts, tune ups, electrical, mechanical repair and more, at your location.
Charles County, and then give a written diagnoses of problems that were found with the vehicle before you buy.
If you're wondering whether we're expensive, we typically meet or beat the prices of most auto, motorcycle, truck, van, and car repair shops, with the added bonus savings of not having a towing bill because, when it comes to roadside assistance and automotive repairs, We Come To You! It is like having a doctor's second opinion before performing major surgery on your automobile.
To lower the cost of car repairs and maintenance even further, we offer you the option to provide your own new or used auto parts. We replace alternators, batteries, starters, change spare or flat tires, and make many other repairs on the spot, at your home or office to get you and your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible! Our service is provided by a trained mechanic who is usually available the same day or within 24 hours. This can be beneficial in negotiations for a better price and can help you decide whether you want to purchase the vehicle. We are a family owned and operated business, that has been certified, licensed, and insured in St. PMC Super Tuners helps you save time and money, and can even lessen your footprint on the environment! Read this article about how to install a car battery, and roll up your sleeves to install one.

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