Stacy is required to publish a notice of her intent in the newspaper for four consecutive weeks as part of the process. PHOTO Jenelle Evans reportedly pregnant again, Jenelle says ‘Nope’After a picture surfaces of  Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans shopping at Target with what appears to be a sizable baby bump, a reliable source is confirming that she is pregnant again! November 14, 2013 by Ruth Carter Leave a Comment What Will Jason’s New Last Name Be? We’re given names a birth, but if you’re not happy with it, there’s no reason why you have to be stuck with it. The paperwork to legally change your name in Arizona is available online in the court’s Self-Service Center, and it’s super simple. Once you complete the forms, you have to file them in a court in your county and pay the $319 filing fee.
Given what celebrities are allowed to name their kids, you have a lot of leeway when it comes to selecting your new name. 17 Romantic Movie Quotes We LoveThey have moved us to tears, to our core and become a …25 Stunning Spring Wedding IdeasSpring is upon us, and frankly, it’s our favorite time of year! There are several reasons you may want to change your name, such as marriage, divorce, adoption or just the desire to have a new name. Obtain a name change form specific to your state by doing a quick online search or by going to your local courthouse. Be sure, if your name change is a result of marriage, that the marriage certificate is filled out correctly as the certificate can serve as your proof of name change with all institutions. Changing your name to do something illegal, such as avoiding a debt or getting away with a crime, is not allowed.
Changing your last name after you get married is an old tradition that has been around for a long time. Whether you need background information on a person for financial, employment or personal reasons, finding someone's history is not difficult. Fergie, whose birth name is Stacy Ann Ferguson, has filed legal papers requesting to officially change her name to Fergie Duhamel. In order for the name change to take place, Fergie must publish a notice in a local newspaper for four consecutive weeks (just like Ron Artest was required to do in order to become Metta World Peace). It’s been 4 years since she married actor Josh Duhamel so the change of last name is obvious. Keep reading to find out how Courtney and Doug told their close friends and family, and see our Photoshop prediction of what Courtney will look like pregnant.
On the documentary Trekkies, they featured a Star Trek fan who legally changed his name to James Tiberius Kirk.

You have to provide your current contact information, your birthdate and birth place, whether you’ve been charged or convicted of a felony, what you want your new name to be, and why you want to change your name. There have been some pretty awesome and pretty ridiculous legal name changes allowed by the courts. With that, the Social Security Office will issue you a new social security card with your new name on it. It does not constitute legal advice, and it does not create an attorney-client relationship with anyone. Find out the exact requirements for a name change in the state where you reside and fulfill all requirements.
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Yes, you have to appear before a judge to change your name.  How long you have to wait for a hearing date depends on how busy the court is, so you may want to call the courthouses in your county and file your paperwork at the court that can get you the earliest date. There are many reasons why you might want to change your name – you got divorced and want your maiden name back, you never liked your birth name, changing your name would give you a professional advantage, etc. For instance, you start with the same forms, but in some states just having used the new name for a certain amount of time can be grounds for a legal change. Funny enough, when they selected their alter egos, neither one gave themselves a middle name so I had to make them up for when I get frustrated with them. And last year, my friend Jason auctioned off his last name for $45,500 and legally changed his name from Jason Sadler to Jason Headsetsdotcom. If the court suspects you’re changing your name for fraudulent reasons, they may require you to submit a set of fingerprints for a  background check.
Since you’re an adult, it’s unlikely that anyone would contest your name change even if they oppose it.
You can use your new social security card and driver’s license to update all your other accounts – bank accounts, credit cards, utilities, loans, gym membership, your employee file at work, etc.
Avoid names that contain profanity, hateful slurs, a celebrity's name or copyrighted company name, as these may be rejected.
A divorce decree can also serve as legal grounds to change your name without a separate court order. As far as I know, Evo and Kade and have no intention of legally changing their names to their alter ego, but how hard would it be if they did?
Inform all institutions that require your legal name on file, such as the DMV, Social Security Administration, credit card companies, banks and your workplace. For any queries, it is recommended to approach a lawyer well-versed in these matters.Having changed my first name legally a couple of years back, I would like to share with you the procedure to do the same.

And can you think of a better way …4th of July Themed Weddings Ideas!July 4th is this weekend! Change of name can be for reasons of personal preference, marriage, change of religion, etc. The first step is to get submit an Affidavit of Name Change in your respective District Court (e.g.
The Affidavit must mention the current name and the desired new name, and may mention in brief the reason for name change.
Once the Affidavit is signed by the Magistrate or Notary, it comes into force immediately.2. The next step is to publish advertisements announcing your name change in two local newspapers – one in the local official language and another in English. This is required as per law, so that if anyone has objections to your name change, they may have an opportunity to take it up with the authorities. The third step is to publish an advertisement of your name change in the Official Gazette of your respective state (also called a Gazette Notification). For this purpose, you must approach the Government Press of your respective state and fill up the form for the same, giving details such as old and new name, address, etc. The next step is to apply for name change in all other official documents such as Passport, PAN Card, Driving License, Ration Card, etc. If Marriage Certificate is not available, a Joint Affidavit by husband and wife with a joint photograph declaring their marriage should be adequate.5. For this, you can submit Affidavit and Gazette Notification as proof of name change, and new Passport, PAN card, DL, etc. As for changing name in educational certificates, you can try if you have a lot of patience and free time. This is because getting educational certificates re-issued in new name will require lot of correspondence and paperwork with various institutions, depending on how many degrees you have!
Her family is orthodox my problem is change my caste and religion officially it is possible. Can you please suggest where I should get the affidavit notorised – the birth city or the residing city?

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