The wedding itself is only an early step for couples as they get ready to start their new lives together, and the process of changing names is a significant component of the post-honeymoon adjustments that every pair of newlyweds must make. However, many couples choose to assume their partner’s name or to combine their last names after exchanging marriage vows.
You do not want the wedding to go well and then be barred from entering the country where you have planned the honeymoon of your dreams! Changing your legal name on your passport usually takes up to six weeks after you send the appropriate documentation into the passport agency, including a certified copy of your marriage certificate.One of the first agencies with which to file a change of name application is Social Security. This application is known as the Social Security #5 form, which shows a change of marital status or name.

Department of Immigration and Naturalization is another governmental agency that requires you to file an updated name form rather quickly after the wedding.
Additionally, updating your name promptly on your driver’s license and on any insurance policies, including life and accidental death insurance policies, is very important.
Most of these agencies will require a copy of your official marriage certificate and a copy of your new social security card in order to update your policies.It is also very important to quickly update your name on your bank accounts and any debit or credit cards attached to them.
Most banks will require you to furnish a copy of your updated driver’s license and your notarized marriage certificate when you are changing your name.
You may also want to update your name on any real estate holdings you may have as well as leases, real estate loans, investment accounts and wills.

Of course, don’t forget to tell your employer to change your name for payroll purposes.

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