Instagram can help make any photo look really cool and stylish so why not celebrate your creativity by using your favorite Instagram snaps and make something new and stylish? In this blog post, we have compiled a list revealing some of the best ways to use your Instagram photos, from phone cases and necklaces to drink stirrers and greeting cards. Instagram Drink Stirrers – These cute stirrers are a great way of sharing your Instagram user-name with your friends encouraging them to follow you. Lampshade With Printed Instagram Photos – A fun way to incorporate your favorite snaps of your children by making this DIY bedroom lamp. Mini Instagram Stickers – These miniature stickers will allow you to share those little photos on the go anywhere, from journals to phone cases the possibilities are endless. Instagram Mosaic Photo Phone Cover Tutorial – This clever DIY will transform any dull looking phone into a new exciting style accessory.

Instagram Journal – This tutorial allows you to make a cool and funky journal all your friends and colleagues would be jealous of!
DIY Intsagram Collage – This statement wall art would make a perfect showcase in any home, a brilliant one off collage that holds all your favorite memories. Instagram Coasters – These would make a perfect present for a loved one, give a set of these reversible coasters with meaningful memories on and they would be super pleased! Instagram Mini Canvas – These adorable canvases can transform any room and add a touch of colour and style.
Instagram Peg Wall Art – With little money and effort you too could create these little photos on pegs to make a great piece of statement art. Minature Resin Photo Charms – These vintage looking charms would make a beautiful gift for that special friend, a one off gift personal to them.

Instagram Cushions – Check out these photos for cushion inspiration if you can stitch, alternatively purchase a hand made cushion with your choice of photos on. Instagram Magnets – What better way to celebrate your creative flair than plaster them all over your fridge with these cool DIY magnets.

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