Yoga blocks can help yogis deepen certain stretches, achieve hard-to-reach poses and improve alignment. While you can find these props in a sporting goods store, you can likely find a cheaper substitute in your pantry.
Eye masks are sometimes used in yoga during savasana, or corpse pose, in which yogis attempt total relaxation. Or, given the money you've saved on blocks, straps and eye masks (and perhaps avoiding the $90 stretch pants), consider investing in a mat. Breathe under your arms, into all sides of your heart and let your breathing tell you when to move.
A purely remnant-inspired project, the idea for creating this Marimekko Yoga Mat Bag came after rummaging through our remnant fabric bin at work. With less than 1 yard of fabric and a discarded piece of Aalto black webbing (designed by Alvar Aalto, a famed modern architect and glassware designer from Finland).
Additional notes: If you’d like a slimmer or wider bag change the pattern as you see fit and heck, if you’re ambitious add a pocket to hold your personal items. Creative-minded and interested in exploring the world, I'm a quippy copywriter, insightful fashion designer and a sometimes folk musician.
Juswt had to whip up a mat bag, found your blog this morning then shortly after off to my Yoga class- what a great pattern and easy to follow instructions- thank you so much!!!
Before I start with your length is it long enough to completely close the top with the drawstring or should I make it longer? I’m not usually one for setting New Year’s resolutions but 2015 is going to be different. I did set one resolution on 1st January though (and I’ve managed to keep it so far!) and that’s to do some regular yoga practice.
Of the three sections, my friend thought the yoga would be the least appealing to me but, surprisingly, it’s the one that’s left the biggest impression.
I decided I must have super short arms… either that or Tara has abnormally long arms because how on earth does she reach her feet like that? We make the determination to do a couple of sessions a day with Tara over the course of the Christmas holidays – one in the morning and one in the evening – and see how we go. There are tons of Tara Styles sessions to choose from on YouTube but, for now, I’m sticking with a couple of the beginners sessions. After just a week of doing Tara’s beginner sessions twice a day, I was already a touch more flexible and I definitely felt like I was walking taller.
I felt ancient on Christmas morning too, when I realised, to my horror, just how inflexible I was.
And as someone who has never ever been able to touch their toes, I look forward to following your progress there.
I downloaded this because of you and I really enjoyed it, even though I do quite a bit of a yoga home practice. I would say your legs are likely to be so tight because of running and cycling – both will tighten your leg muscles. I don’t make resolutions but I do try to set attainable goals which I can reach if I put the effort in!
I have researched proper cleaning for your yoga mat and there just simply isn’t a magic recipe. Eco Matters: Your prized yoga mat deserves as much attention and care as the earth below you. Here’s what a few of the top yoga mat suppliers have to say about caring for your yoga mat.
These rectangular blocks are typically made of foam, cork or wood and -- on the cheap end -- can set you back about eight bucks for a pair.
Imagine your instructor leads you into a pose that you're not quite flexible enough to completely achieve.

The eye masks, also called eye pillows, block the light and provide a gentle, soothing pressure around your forehead and eyes. Shop around at big box stores such as Walmart and Target, discount stores such as TJ Maxx and Marshalls, sporting good stores and online, and finding a basic mat under $20 should be a cinch. Inspired after reading the Marimekko Surrur book, which walks you through countless inventive crafts sewn by Marimekko designers, I decided to create a sewing project out of an unused piece of Marimekko Joonas Upholstery fabric by Maija Isola. In 10 quick steps I’ll show you how to make a Marimekko Yoga Mat Bag that melds mod design with meditative spirit. Match up the edges with the right sides together and uses as many pins as you need to secure the bottom.
Just turn your bag inside out and run a cord through the drawstring loop…done, you’re now ready to head to your next yoga class.
Unfortunately, the original author of this blog post no longer works for AlwaysMod, so I can’t confirm with her.
This year I’m going to set resolutions, goals, monthly targets, in the hope that it will stop me procrastinating. For years, I’ve been one of those people that reads yoga magazines… but never actually does any yoga. It’s an oddly titled book (especially as it’s not about dieting!) but that aside, I found it a thoroughly great read.
I’ve been to a few yoga classes in the past but I’m so inflexible that I really struggled in them.
We searched YouTube and spotted Flexibility and Range of Motion Beginner Yoga, which sounded perfect for us. Laying on the floor, she encourages us to lift one leg and hold onto whichever part of the leg feels comfortable. I don’t know how we got ourselves in such bad shape, but I’m happy to report that after 3 weeks of yoga, I can now reach my toes! I love the little conversation between you and your hubbie, haha, after reading your story, I really need to get my body as flexible as possible. I’m so relieved to hear I’m not the only person that reads about yoga rather than doing it!
Now that I have this gorgeous aqua yoga mat in my possession, my budget yoga mat doesn’t look so appealing. You’re a true yogi down to the core, and you like your yoga practice, raw, natural, and earthy. You don’t have time to make some homemade organic eco-friendly mat cleaner, so you buy the fast food version of yoga mat cleaners. You have properly researched the carbon footprint on all the ingredients for your homemade yoga mat recipe. Deciding on how to care for your mat depends on your preferences and what type of yoga mat you own. Lightly scrub with a soft brush, cloth, or sponge, and then wipe clean with water and air dry. She began her own journey as a yoga instructor with the 200-hour teacher training at Three Sisters Yoga in New York City working with her teacher, Jen Whinnen, and mentor, Krissy Shields, from Sonic Yoga. Below, Abby Lentz, founder of the HeavyWeight Yoga classes and DVDs, which are aimed at yogis who are overweight and obese, shares a few of her favorite homemade yoga props. Instead of sitting out that pose or worse -- attempting it and hurting yourself in the process -- consider using a yoga strap, which works to extend your limbs and achieve the benefits of that pose. If you don't have neckties handy, find them for a buck at a thrift store, or make your strap from a bathrobe sash, she adds. Here's a quick way to create your own eye pillow at home in about a minute: Take a clean white tube sock, fill it with dry beans or rice, and then tie the end of the sock or sew it shut, Lentz suggests. Lentz says that's fine for sitting and lying postures, but it's not ideal for standing, as the pile may be too thick for steady footing.

I made my bag an inch larger than my mat so add 2 inches to the bag’s width plus ?” for seam allowance and you should arrive at the diameter for your pattern piece.
Also press a 2” seam along the top end (this will create the loop through which you’ll put the drawstring. The bottom strap should be 2” from the bottom & the top strap should be 1” from the top seam.
Personally, I chose not to use a drawstring because I loved the clean and streamlined look of the Marimekko Joonas Fabric. However, based on my observations, you may want to make it a little longer to be able to close the top with a drawstring. However, Tara has such a gentle, encouraging approach that I wondered if it was time to give yoga another try. In a flash, this stunning, strong, super bendy Tara appeared on our TV, flowing gracefully from one position to another… And then there was us two. After meeting my grand-aunt in Melbourne for the very first time (the long lost relative), she’s only in her mid 80s, she still can touch her toes and practices Tai Chi everyday. I couldn’t justify spending the hundred dollars on a quality, lifetime-guaranteed yoga mat. Having never owned the prized Manduka yoga mat, I’ve never really considered how to properly care for a yoga mat. You may resort to chemical- filled disinfectant wipes, a bottle of Amazon’s yoga mat cleaner, or try the washing machine approach.
Make sure you check with your yoga mat supplier to see if they recommend care specific to their product. Slip a piece of hard cardboard about halfway between its pages to make it more sturdy, and tightly tape it closed to make a yellow-paged yoga block. YogaHound and LiveStrong also list how-tos for making slightly more complex eye bags, for those who aren't afraid to do a little more sewing. She suggests moving to an area of your home with hardwood or tile floors for standing postures. Use a protractor to draw the circle or I had a plastic container the same width so I traced it to get an even circle.
Note: I also zigzag stitched the edges of the bottom to reinforce the bag and to keep the upholstery fabric from unraveling.
Just looking at that gorgeous sunshine, blue sky and water is really uplifting on a cold, dark January morning. I’m doing a lot of hill running at the moment which is making my hamstrings even tighter. This is a blog about the stuff I'm currently passionate about, including my journey into the world of whole food plant-based cooking. If you purchase a new yoga mat, you’ll want to clean your yoga mat to get the desired sticky quality before you start using it.
I read that foam rolling helps prevent injury too which is a bonus as I’ve signed up to run the Bath Half Marathon for charity. My short survey revealed that some admit to throwing their mat in the washing machine, while others use a tea tree oil and water mixture. We catch sight of each other and we look so utterly ridiculous that we can’t help but burst out laughing.

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