Lord Shiva (or Shiv, Shiv ji  in Hindi ) is one of the most prominent gods in the crowded Indian pantheon. The conclusion from this story is that the Himalayan Ridge is the place where Lord Shiva meditates and it is the place where he rejects those humanly things and focus on higher goals.
So when you have a change to enter the highest ridge in the world with your backpack and getting  ready to hike remember that this is the home of Shiva and he doesn’t like to be disturbed. Learn about the dharma, ask questions, read scripture, enjoy daily darshan.___Started over 4 years ago, The Hindu Blog is an ever-evolving project aimed at creating a viable source of knowledge for those both near and far from the Hindu community. She would offer him fresh flowers, hoping that one day he would open his eyes and speak to her. Her name then was Sati and she immolated herself because her father, Daksha, insulted Shiva. He is one of the most complex characters among Indian Gods and maybe that is what makes him so interesting.

Firstly, when we look at Vedic hymns there were much more significant gods and goddesses and secondly, Shiva at that time was known as a god who have no interest in socializing and  mingling with other gods.
The Himalayan mountains are the only place for Shiva where he can meditate so he can achieve the highest of all goals, Moksha. The Himalaya is the place where Shiva accumulates his Tapas (inner strength which arises out of  asceticism).
Free of discrimination and mindless rituals, this site conveys seemingly complicated traditions and concepts in simple, modern terms. In the back of her mind, she had formed the idea that this was the man she wanted to marry. All he wanted was to stay as far as he could from the city.  However, even though his status changed he never lost his controversial nature and attitude with regard to fundamental codes of Indian society. Here he is left alone to achieve Moksha ( we can refer here to the term as an enlightenment but not at all in the way we know it from the Buddhist terminology).

It can also be considered as an abode of conflict between codes of society to the codes of the Indian renunciation.
There is a famous story from the Purans, The Indian Mythology that the gods had to arrange Shiva a bride, the daughter of Himalaya – Parvati.
He used to shoot these arrows at his victims and then they would be filled with feelings of emotional love.

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