The event was organized by the David Lynch Foundation which aims to teach transcendental meditation to children.
6,000 people turned up to see this legendary performance but had to wait many hours before it started. Still going strong, Beatles stars Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr performed together on stage at the Change Begins Within benefit on Sunday April 5.
What better way to encourage world peace and promote friendships and consciousness expansions than getting the only live members of the Beatles to sing With a Little Help From My Friends?
Rise above the three modes of Material Nature (goodness, passion and ignorance) and be Self-conscious, O Arjuna.

Fear of failure, from being emotionally attached to the fruit of work, is the greatest impediment to success because it robs efficiency by constantly disturbing the equanimity of mind." A farmer is responsible for working his land yet has no control over the harvest.
Do your duty to the best of your ability, O Arjuna, with your mind attached to the Lord, abandon worry and attachment to the results.
The path of Self-knowledge for the contemplative ones, and the path of unselfish work for all others.
No one attains perfection by merely giving up work, because no one can remain inactive even for a moment. A God-realized person does not consider oneself the doer of any action, but only an instrument in the hands of the Divine for His use.

These worlds would perish if I do not work, and I shall be the cause of confusion and destruction of all these people. Acquiring transcendental knowledge is superior to any material sacrifice such as giving charity.

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