Global warming is an urgent problem facing our planet, but retailers are in a unique position to contribute to climate change prevention efforts.
In addition to helping save the planet, there are a variety of reasons for retailers to help prevent climate change. Following are 27 ways you can work to prevent climate change in your retail store or stores, what you can encourage your employees to do, and how you can get customers in on it too.
Once you’ve implemented the earth-friendly measures discussed here that make sense for your business, get another energy audit.
More recently, prices in the EU’s flagship Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) collapsed when the European Parliament unexpectedly voted against reducing the total number of carbon allowances in an effort to tackle over-supply. We cannot first solve the economic crisis, then solve the job crisis, then, finally, when we don’t have anything else to do, come back to the climate crisis… If we do not invest in [climate] mitigation and adaptation, then the costs will only mount. At the moment, there are something like twelve-hundred new coal-fire power stations in the pipeline around the world, including 25 in Germany.
More fossil fuels are being discovered, we’re finding shale gas, the Japanese are finding methane from the seabed, and the Americans are fracking vast quantities of gas. Control the Gulf Stream, problem solved but I reckon this debate will go on and on … and will be a revenue collection exercise. Sooner or latter this will become an urgent matter, look at the floods and heat waves that have been happening all over the world. For example if a massive amount of people would change to electric cars, smart grids could be implemented to store energy from renewable. Make them understand that for example than driving to work is a much more dangerous situation than a nuclear plant, and a fast food restaurant has a much higher probability to give health diseases to someone that a N plant (I should learn some equation to back this up).
I’m not saying I have the solutions, just that, unfortunately, discussions with the public go to a very low level of detail. More talking, more comitees, a lot of slogans and empty rhetoric, bla bla bla…nothing done on the ground. Not sure what planet is Roger living on, but on Earth we aren’t finding anything remotely enough to sustain our consumption now, or the consumption we are PREDICTED to have in the future.
Going green now will save us a LOT of trouble for the next generations if not for us in our own lifetime.
Food shortages due to extreme weather have already resulted in prices of fruit, veg and dairy products going up. Whether you believe in this or not, changing our energy usage habits would result in a fairer society for all of us. P.S Irish pay some of the highest energy prices and carbon taxes on fossil fuels than the rest of Europe. The entire world would have to be on the same page to make even a modest dent in the changing of the planet at this point.
Some believe it is as a result of the promotion of sinful activity, others, like me, believe all things move along one way or another, nothing stands still. Are you one of those “insane people” who think everyone who is Anti-EU must also be a Xenophobic Racist? You heard all those EU-types say that ‘if only the people understood’ they would be in favor of everything EU?
I bet the pro-EU crowd also dreams of the EU developing similar spying methods as the US has so they can spy on everyone here too, and maybe preventively lock up anyone who dares to question the Eurosoviet Unions existence. How do we expect underdeveloped countries to tackle climate change in the same way that developed ones can?
How can we expect countries that are dominated by corrupt and dictatorial governments or rulers that opress their people do anything positive towards the environment when their only source of food are the vast dump sites that eventually release CO2 in the atmosphere? All possible efforts should target eradication of poverty, opression, injustice, wars, conflicts and disregard of human rights and life.
Only then will the world start truly addressing the environemental and climate problems that are becoming its scourge with devastating results. True, Nature will take its course and nothing will stop it, but action and reaction are equal and opposite, treat nature well and it will return the favour, treat it badly and it will hit back exponentially.
I can say that I got great benefits from sustainable living, clean air, healthy food, cheerful friends, when this life intrapprendi a new world, and know that the Government has granted the European combat pollution of our terrestrial ecosystem.
News that Switzerland has approved via referendum a cap on the number of EU migrants has been turning heads recently….
A respected climate scientist has proposed the construction of 60 million giant, artificial trees across the globe to absorb carbon from the Earth's atmosphere.
Addressing the the Hay literary festival in Powys, Dr Broecker said the battle against climate change was "a race against time". Agreeing the proposal was grandiose and difficult to implement he later told BBC News, "If I were a betting man I would bet against it because I don't know if we have the political will to do it," he said. Dr Broecker said the most likely place for the scrubbers would be in the world's deserts but added it was important to get developing countries to adopt the idea.

Some background information is necessary, in case Community High School students have forgotten what they learned in the second semester of ninth grade science.
Natural amounts of CO2 do occur in the atmosphere; the maximum level of CO2 at which there would not be major environmental problems is 350 parts per million (ppm) [1].
Despite all of this evidence, global warming is a controversial issue among Americans and members of Congress. Asia’s shoreline could look like this in as few as a couple hundred years should sea levels rise.
People who do not think climate change needs to be addressed do not understand its consequences.
I think it is safe to say that most people who are aware of these drastic effects would agree that it is essential to take action against climate change.
Dealing with large volumes of goods and having control over large spaces and employee culture means that a simple switch can have a noticeable impact when adopted by a retailer. Use natural lighting when possible, and switch to compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. CFLs can save up to $40 per year per bulb in energy costs over incandescents, and can last 13 times longer!
The United States refused to ratify the Kyoto Protocol, and Canada became the first country to formally withdraw in 2011. It is not like the climate is gone wild and we do not have any control over anything any more? Unfortunately, the environmental issue “tragically” depends by the trade policies of the major world economic powers that do not want restrictions of any kind.
They are split into two kinds :crooks paid off by the industry to LIE and ignorant brainwashed by their propaganda.
Whether you believe in man-made climate change or not, our weather patterns are changing, for the worst. And thinking that you can in anyway remove that cycle or alter that plan is beyond arrogance. And each year, as the grain of rice on a chess board proves, the effects become increasingly sinister. Well, the flaw in their plan is that explaining how the EU works (which most anti Eurosoviet people like me do) involves explaining how democracy was covertly abolished and increasing powers headed to a Soviet style Politburo headed by comrade Barroso.
We cannot segregate the issues of climate change from fossil fuels and alternative renewable energy and from the social issues where we have huge global disparities. Even the UN is nowadays percieved as weak (and should rightly be stronger than it is) because it resembles a toothless dog with a collar-chain around its neck.
Everyone speaks so much of R&I and the evidence is the short span within which such achievements have taken place.
Proposing the "carbon scrubbers" he said the trapped CO2 from the atmosphere would be pumped underground or turned into a mineral. Over 30 or 40 years we could easily make that number," he added referring to the 20 million such "trees" which would be needed just to absorb carbon from that produced by the United States. For hundreds and thousands of years, levels never once exceeded 350 ppm, or even came particularly close [2]. It’s not entirely a “liberals versus conservatives” squabble — Mitt Romney has stated the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr. What, exactly, does happen when the Greenhouse Effect takes place and global warming begins?
Humans have the resources — the usage of alternative energy, for example, could make a crucial difference in halting carbon emissions. Corporations such as Starbucks, Safeway, Tesco and Kingfisher have already pledged to make green changes to their stores, and many other retailers are following their lead. Add that to the fact that climate change prevention measures often save businesses money, and even non-environmentally minded retailers will want to start thinking about ways to go green. Many will do this for free, and the recommendations they give you will help you save money for years. You can also send email rather than printed memos or offer downloadable employee handbooks.
Find alternatives to Styrofoam for everything from cups to packing peanuts, both in what you sell and in what you use in the warehouse. This goes for everything from the coffee maker in the break room to computers being turned off and unplugged overnight. Some programs even allow you to offer a discount once customers have emailed themselves a certain number of receipts, which adds an extra incentive for them to go paperless. Furthermore, few countries apart from EU member states have actually signed up to the binding Kyoto targets, and those that have (including Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine) have threatened to follow Canada’s example and withdraw before their targets actually come into force.
We can crucify our economies in Europe and in Britain on the alter of climate change in the hopes of making a difference but, in fact, the emissions are going up so fast in China, in India, and around the world, that we won’t make any difference.
Even if European countries reduce their carbon emissions, will it make a difference if emissions from the rest of the world continue to grow?

They will pretend of course that they can , make statements that give them the high ground on green issues ,tax us to death and hold another meeting . Maybe not in southern Europe or in the land-locked countries but those of us living on the outer edges of Europe are taking the brunt of extreme weather that barely makes the headlines anywhere but here; I note the big fuss made of the flooding in central Europe and this organisation saying that something had to be done.
And if you look at it from the standpoint of omnipotence, what is taking place is a cleansing. They love their anti-democratic EU so much that anyone who opposes it must be a nazi, racist, mentally ill or whatnot. It turns it from a participating debate of human beings to a strange sense of compartmentalisation.
Finger pointing has to stop – it takes genuiness and self-sacrifice by all and sundry. Most of the technological advances since the Industrial Revolution began have involved fossil fuels in some way or another. If sea levels rise the 200 feet they are projected to rise, hundreds of millions will become displaced and huge cities will disappear underwater [8]. Personally, I feel that if we are able to stop climate change, we should make every effort to do so, no matter what they cost may be. Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policy-makers and experts for their reactions. However, those who say that climate change ISN’T a natural phenomenon are the real deniers. Similar attitude at display here as in old East Germany and Soviet Union, where also anyone who dared to express dissent was labelled mentally ill. And for the record, I wish you wouldn’t have it stacked by American spelling, They are wrong and cartoonish.
One would think that, consequently, huge efforts should be made to lower atmospheric CO2 levels and slow or stop the impact of global warming.
However, large numbers of Republicans in Congress have either denied the existence of global warming, or have made it clear that they do not want to spend any money to stop it. If there is political will to engage leading scientists, labs and universities to improve the efficiency of the solar panels and wind turbines, and find ways to make them lighter and cheaper to produce, one day these sources will be virtually everywhere. So, like us, the planet knows where it made its mistakes and is taking the opportunity to put itself right. Yet many Americans are still denying that climate change is an issue to be addressed; some believe it does not exist at all. In a nation that is increasingly divided politically, people who are uneducated about climate change are most likely to side with whichever party they already trust on the matter.
Another common retort is that climate changes all the time — again, this is not true. Some people who deny the existence of climate change may be too stubborn to change their views.
As a result, polls indicate that the average American thinks that only about half of all scientists agree that global warming is caused by humans [4] — despite overwhelming evidence that it is.
Let’s help all EU countries produce solar panels locally instead of importing them from China. This is a tremendous change, and there is no reason to believe this spike of CO2 levels will come to a natural halt.
I believe that those who do not think climate change is a problem worth doing something about are uninformed on the matter, and that it is the job of the informed to be the educators. Saving our planet is Warming temperatures will be detrimental to vegetation in all biomes, and animals will not be able to adapt to new habitats.
For those of us who see how dangerous climate change is, it is our job to educate these people about its consequences. Many birds have already shifted their ranges northward, and sooner or later there will be nowhere for them to go. Warmer temperatures will enable disease-bearing insects to expand their ranges; a spread in reports of malaria has already been noted. When more people are devoted to making a difference, more of a difference will be made, and that could potentially save the Earth. Global warming causes extreme weather, and scientists project that billions of dollars in damage to infrastructure will occur.

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