You wouldn’t recognize me now if you knew me then, especially my attitude towards life and my attitude towards my self.
Besides for keeping a journal so I can analyze my issues I read a lot of psychology books, mainly only the educational one’s, not the self help kind. In the video I also shared on of my personal Transformational exercises that I do daily, this is not limited to only self esteem issues. Since I started understanding law of attraction and quantum physics’ discoveries, I am much more positive oriented and capable of love than when I was going to psychotherapy treatment. I shared this post with my boyfriend who is facing some issues right now and I think this is just the right stuff he needs to hear right now.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge, it is thanks to you that I started looking into law of attraction and related topics more.
Thank you so much for your kindness Marusa, I am very happy to share my thoughts with others. I’m sorry to hear that, but remember that everything that is happening is for the better. IYou can influence a lot of young people in need with your enlarged consciousness, that’s great!
YES, that is very important to add, we should never judge our self or compare our self to others, we should be taught that as kids, I will definitely teach that to my kids when I have them.
In turn, all of us are judged at job interviews, college admissions, by our friends, co-workers, bosses, customers… there is no way around it.
Well, I believe we are all born as perfect beings ( perfect I don’t mean literal, I mean we are the way we are and that is perfect ).
But, because I believe we are already perfect beings, it doesn’t mean that I think that I have no need to improve.
In no way do I condone excessive, unreasonable, or biased judgement that serves no purpose but to bring people down, such as in your case. From my experience, when I started slacking with schoolwork around 8th grade, I had a serious conversation with my parents.
Yes, you may argue that there is no such thing as masterpiece or piece of [email protected], that good and bad are just a matter of perspective. OK, if I understand correctly that you accept positive judgement in the form of praising and punishment in the form of consequences for breaking the rules, without personal involvement (i.e.
Can I propose you the video of eckhart Tolle on ego versus healthy self esteem , who ewplains it so much better than i can? So, my opinion is that while you, no doubt, mean well for the kids, the focus on their high self-esteem at the expense of everything else will do them more harm than good in the long run. Lol, I am sure you didn’t, because that would be negative judgement that could ruin my self-esteem :P! I’m hoping that people are beginning to realize that they do have control in their personal emotional health.
Oh, Tati, you should really do more of these videos, once again you nailed it and you made me feel so much better about myself just by listening to you and your voice and your amazing words… I had no idea about the things you went through in you life.
Since then I wake up every single morning with joy, waiting for amazing things to happen every single day, even just a little things, birds singing on a tree, beautiful sunrise on my way to work, my boyfriend kissing my forehead when he is leaving to work… I love my life, and I love ME.
Each of our words is a creation of energy, and we have the power to dictate what type of energy we send out into the world with each word we utter – positive energy or negative energy.
Often, we utter negative things about ourselves as a subconscious request for reassurance from those around us. Fortunately, however, we have the power to change this, and when we do, the positive energy with which we’ll be surrounding ourselves will be so liberating, and self-esteem will be set to soar to the heights we deserve.
Have you ever noticed that people who ooze self-confidence are rarely critical of themselves?
Instead of saying something negative about yourself in order to receive reassurance, think about one of your achievements, or a job well done. Reassurance-seeking can be draining for those on the receiving end of it, especially if they love you and just want you to be happy. Acknowledge that you’ll face challenges, but only use words that show trust in your ability to manage them. No matter how on top of things somebody looks, none of us really knows where we’re going or how we’re going to get there.
Many people look in the mirror and instantly voice thoughts of an apparent imperfection they see in the person looking back at them. Michelle Leese is a PhD student of the Department of German at the University of St Andrews, and a Modern Languages graduate of St John's College, Oxford University. Of all the judgments you make in life, none is asimportant as the one you make about yourself. Of all the judgments you make in life, none is as  important as the one you make about yourself. This is also a very personal subject for me because just years ago I was a completely different person than I am today. Before, I always used to criticize my self for everything and no matter how good things were I never felt I was good enough, pretty enough, skinny enough, smart enough etc. I think if someone just saw this video without knowing my background as to why I had such low self esteem, they wouldn’t be able to relate. I realized at a young age that no matter how much I try to fix the outside, until I worked through the deep issues I had on the inside, things were never gonna fall into place and I was never going to be happy.

It goes beyond that, it will really help you transform other parts of you life and bring things into your life that you want.
I know he is capable of so much more and it’s only the matter of him realising the same.
I can physically feel I’m becoming stronger and more positive person (if this makes any sense).
I can tell you from personal experience that therapy never helped me, I was more lost after therapy then I was before, but understanding deeper secrets of life transformed. Sometimes when we change our selves and better our selves, people who no longer have similar vibration will leave our lives, but there will be knew people entering. And I would add that , a less judgemental education ( school ) system ,would contribute to better self esteem. We are perfect as we are because I believe imperfections are just a matter of perspective ), but as we enter this physical reality the society programs our brains with these rules and regulations, and I don’t agree with, about 80% of them. I have a lot of improvements or shall I say lessons to learn, otherwise I wouldn’t have chosen to be born here to experience this contrast. It helps people stay on track, because many people, especially kids, don’t have that ability of yours to improve on their own and instead take the path of least resistance. It was unpleasant, but it motivated me to get to the top of my class and later be admitted to every single college I applied to. Until we find a different PRACTICAL solution, I see nothing wrong with listening to other people’s opinions, analyzing them, and taking into account the right ones. To be more specific, let me ask, would you not praise your child for doing well at school, sports actitivities, etc. The ideal would be stimulating children more in their natural skills and talents instead of a system that is calibrated for all. Our thoughts of how the world sees us and judges us ( so from our cultural environment with its judgments) , an this is not reality. He makes fun of a musician getting arthritis or an inventor who is superseded by another one.
Be to yourself what you did not received from others like your parents, close relatives, friends or complete strangers. It must be hard to take the leap that you did and leave what was safe and familiar, but as you see you listened to your heart, your intuition, you knew it wasn’t right, you listened and took action, that’s very brave and very smart! Whilst this might help build us up again in the short term, it’s not too long before the habit kicks in again and the cycle repeats itself, weakening self-esteem. They’re not perfect, but they don’t beat themselves up over things they’re struggling with, and they don’t wallow in self-pity or repeatedly blame themselves when things go wrong. When you find yourself on the verge of doing it, flip it round completely and think about something you’ve done which you’re proud of, however big or small it may be. Thedifference between low self-esteem and highself-esteem is the difference between passivity andaction, between failure and success. The  difference between low self-esteem and high  self-esteem is the difference between passivity and  action, between failure and success. The real transformation and the real understanding came when I started doing daily meditation. I think you boyfriend is in good hands, and with time he will realize things on his own even more.
Now I am facing some challenges, as you could imagine, so I am focusing on myself right now.
I hope you guys work things out, but you are doing the right thing by focusing on your self at the moment.
But the other extreme is that by choosing not to judge oneself, one basically puts on their rose-colored glasses. For example, if you realize one of your close people leads an unhealthy lifestyle, what would you do as a real friend? Nobody likes criticism, and yet my parents were right and I am thankful that they did not sugarcoat things for me to spare my feelings.
To me, a newborn is not perfect, neither bad nor good – like a blank canvas, a piece of clay (nature vs nurture debate aside). However, for all practical purposes, how would you classify qualities like laziness, disrespect, dishonesty? But guess what, these people did something good for the society, they already left their mark, and no one can take away their accomplishments.
They would become whiners, who can’t take criticism but blame everybody else for their mistakes, when in their adult life they face judgement that they had been shielded from as kids.
But yeah, I understand if you don’t want us to keep chewing over this topic any longer.
I am so glad to see you happy now, you and your boyfriend now have an amazing connection and love ( I can tell from looking at pics ), the energy between you guys is electrifying. I am a yoga instructor and recently came across this article by Kamala Murphey that I shared with my class.
I changes most of my old beliefs about my self, all though sometimes the echos of them I can still hear far away, but I put my self in check real fast when this happens.
Meditation and getting feedback and also give feedback back – giving and taking, balance … these things REALLY helped me!!! Instead of letting these thoughts go, we send them out into the world through our words, giving them extra power and making us believe in them even more.

They’re happy with what they see in the mirror and in their own hearts, and even if there are things they want to change, they’ll take the necessary steps without making themselves feel bad about it first. When you look back at the story of your life so far, you’ll remember how things fell into place in a way that you could never have planned beforehand. Think what you would say to a loved one who made such a comment about themselves; you would rush in and remind them that what they see is a beautiful, wonderful person.
Don’t send out negative energy about yourself into the world when you have the power to do the exact opposite. Now, one of  America's foremost psychologists and a pioneer in  self-esteem development offers a step-by-step guide to  strengthening your sense of self-worth.
Because no matter how much I analyzed physical aspects of things, or went to therapy, non of it helped me and in fact made things worst. While you don’t need to heed every advice, there is no reason to shut off all advice altogether, pretending that you know best than everybody else in every area. Not respecting the rules = accepting the consequences (there is no personal involvement , just rules and boundaries which is very different from judging!) . Unlike people who did not even try to achieve anything, excusing their laziness by saying that their self-esteem does not need any accomplishments to back it up. Until this day I am not 100% okay with that fact that more then 16 years ago they got divorced.
Negative emotions tell you that your thoughts are in contradiction with your purpose and goals. The opinions expressed on this site are my own personal opinions and do not represent anyone else's view.
The lesson, essentially, is this: even if you’re thinking a self-critical thought, don’t stop yourself from thinking about it (resisting thoughts only makes them worse), just don’t give life to it by voicing it.
You have evidence in your own life that the process of your story can be trusted; so instead of voicing worries about the future and your inability to manage challenges, tell yourself “I’ll figure it out somehow. Make ‘you’ be associated with the most positive energy possible, and live and love life from there. Here are  simple, straightforward and  effective techniques that will dramatically improve  the way you think and feel about yourself. But, what meditation did for me, it took me beyond rational mind, which I believe is extremely limited and not very useful when dealing with feelings and emotions. The sooner we realise that this is only our cultural and social environment putting these less worthy feelings on our shoulders, the better! This affected all my relationships in life, that is why never really attached to people because I was scared that one day, all of the sudden, without previous warning, they will go away, they will just stop loving me and they will leave, just like our dad left when my parents suddenly didn’t love each other. When you’re feeling down ask your inner voice which thoughts are causing this reaction and emotion, then listen, most of the time you will get an immediate response, trust it.
There is not one single body in this world that is perfect; each one is perfectly imperfect.
Emotions are the job of the spirit, that’s why you have to look on the inside for the solution.
Why work out and make oneself stronger, if you’re gonna become weak again as you get older?
You need motivating throughout the game of life, so keep up the good pep talk with yourself! Words of fear create the energy of fear, and words of trust create the energy of trust, which creates the ripple effect of success.
So whether it’s a comment about the body or the personality of the person you see in the mirror, if you’re going to make one, make sure it’s a good one.
That was the main reason why I stayed married for 7 years to a guy that was NOT right for me (nothing dramatic, abusive or negative there, we just lived next to each other instead of with each other), and all those years I was pushing myself to stay in that relationship because it was something I was sure about and I didn’t wanna be alone.
My exhusband was not a bad guy, he was always nice to me, but all he needed was a woman who will take care of HIM and not ask anything from him, not even a slight attention.
And I knew that as long as I will give him everything without asking anything in return, my marriage will be stable and will last probably for ever. Even if you don’t believe it at first, over time your body and mind will respond lovingly to such loving treatment. But it was NOT the life I wanted to live, I wanted LIFE, not just survival, not living every day the same as the previous one, not going to bed with a feeling that I CAN DO BETTER and I DESERVE BETTER and that THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN THIS, and that out there in the world there MUST BE SOMEONE who will love me for who I am and who will support me in what I love and who will be my partner in life and who will not just drain me emotionally, but who will be my missing puzzle piece in a picture of life I was slowly creating in my mind.
You are a beautiful creation; there has never been anything like you, and there never will be again.
So I left, after 7 years of safe marriage with almost no love, emotionally empty, 26 years old, with no happy memories and with no plans for future. Look in that mirror and have a little dance, and love that body that’s moving and grooving, whatever its shape, because it’s alive, it’s you, and it’s full of wonderful living energy that is uniquely yours.
I could do anything I want, I could travel the world, meet people, create something, make my secret dreams come true. It was like this barrier of insecurity and low self-esteem just fall apart and I stepped out to the world with a blank book of life I can start writting my own story into.
This was my defining moment, that day when for the first time in my life I decided to be MYSELF and not to hide my true colors from the world around me, to let other people know me for who I really am, to let people love me and to let me love again.

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