This summer my spouse and I have been working to renovate our beloved 1970 aluminum Airstream trailer. Peter installs a reflective barrier in between the Airstream sub-floor and the natural wool material; the large burlap bag behind him contains about 40 pounds of sheep wool insulation. If you want more information about the many wonders of natural sheep wool insulation, or would like to obtain a free sample, please contact the nice folks at Oregon Shepherd, where we bought this easy to use sustainable building material.
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We have already begun re-insulating the entire vehicle with sustainable sheep wool insulation, which we were able to purchase locally. She seemed utterly content in her makeshift wool bed, and happily stayed put there while we continued to work. Thus far this versatile natural material has been wonderful to use, and it has also been embraced by our Bull Terrier, Pandora, who has been supervising the project.

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