Every one of us has experienced at least one instance in our lives where our confidence has been smashed and we’ve had to re-build shattered psyches from the ground up. Once I emerged from the PND fog it was a shock to find my confidence didn’t re-emerge immediately. Often it is a situation or a person who is sapping our confidence, slowly chipping away at our self-worth. We all have those people in our lives – whether they are personal friends, family members, or colleagues – who we look up to and whose opinion we respect.
Most people who commented on Facebook indicated that often it will take a while to restore things to where they should be – it might even take years!
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Knowing how to rebuild your confidence is a vital skill because confidence is tied to everything you do. Click to watch the video and learn the four steps I use to rebuild and protect my confidence. Marshawn Evans is a Global Mentor and Catalyst for Women looking to Launch Their Dreams and Live Their Purpose. This message is inspiring me to do different and bold moves, instead of always doing the mediocre, to jump right in and not worry about what others will think of me, I’m actually getting that intuitive feeling as I write this, so I know this is meant to be.
How To Change Your Facebook Fan Page Name [Updated For Large Pages!] You are using an outdated browser. It might have been an acrimonious break-up, losing a job, failing an exam or being rejected by someone we thought was a friend.

I went from having firm conviction in my general awesomeness to second guessing everything. So (being me) I went looking for articles on ‘how do I rebuild my confidence’ and was pretty underwhelmed by the advice out there.
Hopefully your family and friends are like mine because knowing those awesome people loved me and valued me was a pretty good indication that I was a good mother, wife and person. Facing something head on instead of letting it nibble away at you from the side takes away the power that thing has over you. So change your job, play for a different team, stop seeing your emotionally abusive friend or family member.  It might seem like ‘running away’, but the relief you will feel at removing yourself from the toxic situation or the toxic people will be all the indication you need that you’ve done the right thing. These people are pretty adept at telling us what we need to hear, rather than flinging meaningless platitudes our way.
After all, when something erodes your confidence it usually happens slowly and insidiously so things can’t be fixed with a click of your fingers.
You've found Kelly ExeterShe's the author of Practical Perfection and Your Best Year Ever, Editor of Flying Solo, owner of Swish Design and co-host of two podcasts: Let it Be and Straight and Curly. And as you step into your big vision and live your divine dream, it’s important not only to rebuild your confidence but also to protect it. I just received an email that I was not selected for a speaking opportunity I applied for, and I was feeling disappointed. I felt a huge rush of energy because suddenly I knew who the ‘enemy’ was … and it wasn’t myself as previously thought.
Tackling something you’ve never done before means you go in with zero expectations of yourself.

And all Godfidence is is using the power within you to produce the life God intended for you. This takes the pressure off and simply allows you to surprise yourself with what you CAN do. Consider carefully if you want a Facebook staff member having a good long look at your page.Also, recall that Business pages are only for fully owned brands and it is possible that a request for your business identification paperwork (Taxes, Trademark, LLC, Corp, etc) may be requested.
Recall that we are not authorized to have a page in any name that we do not fully, legally own.I am seeing about a 50% decline rate for this request form at this time.
Suffice to say this didn’t make people terribly thrilled.However, the precaution has been necessary as Facebook has needed to actively restrict someone from making a page in a generic name, farming a ton of fans, and then renaming the page (possibly after selling it)!Can you imagine the nightmare if you people were suddenly able to easily generate and sell pages with 100,000 fans?
This is actually reasonably high as it means about 50% of those that are requesting the change are getting approval. It would be insanity (and fans of the page would likely be pretty pissy at Facebook for it).
That page is not longer relevant and why should the brand page have to restart from scratch?Reply Add a New Comment Click here to cancel reply.

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