Cutting out alcohol from your life is a huge success and requires a good bit of effort and iron will. For many who struggle with addiction, it’s common to also fight battles with self-esteem or confidence. Subscribe to read the latest addiction-related news, inspirational affirmations, and healthy living tips. Often times we are our own worst critic, and during recovery the habit of judging yourself too harshly can keep you stuck. You are entering a new stage of life of sobriety and will need to organize and construct plans that will help bring order back into your life.
Read books about improving confidence, listen to inspirational audios, or get on YouTube and watch a few motivational videos that will build you up. You want to hang around those that love you unconditionally and who genuinely have a positive outlook on life.

Instead of fretting over feeling guilty or unsure of the future, focus on your accomplishments thus far in life. When you set new goals, you’ll be able to step up to the plate with responsibility to take action toward those goals and then success will follow. There are some amazing teachers and speakers out there willing to assist you grow your confidence level. If you spend a lot of time with judgmental or angry people, you may not feel safe to be yourself. Take these tips into consideration as you move forward in life, trusting that your confidence will grow as you continue to make the effort at personal growth.
Think about the positives and all the possibilities that stand before you in your new, sober life.
You must embark on a journey toward loving yourself no matter where you’ve been or where you are in life.

The fulfillment of a goal will bring you happiness and working towards goals will introduce a healthy dose of discipline to your daily routine. The more you learn about yourself and other topics that interest you, the more confident you will become.
Limit time spent with negative people and take time to cultivate friendships that foster self-love, happiness and confidence.

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