If you are experiencing slow speed broadband internet problems, or you are a WoW gamer, and your World of Warcraft connection has excessive lag, then you may have the following IP problem with Comcast ISP or your Cable or DSL Internet Service Provider. There does seem to be a situation that occurs from time to time with Comcast high speed Internet service that is very peculiar. So, what do I have to do to change the IP address assigned to me by my Internet service provider? To get a new IP address, start by cloning another computer’s Mac address using a router hooked up to the cable modem.
A sticky dynamic IP address or sticky IP is a term created by cable and DSL users to describe a dynamically assigned IP address that does not change often.
Even though IP addresses may not change often for cable or DSL users, the addresses are still controlled by the standard DHCP process. The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) automates the assignment of IP addresses, subnet masks, default gateway, and other IP parameters. Dynamic allocation: A network administrator assigns a range of IP addresses to DHCP, and each client computer on the LAN has its IP software configured to request an IP address from the DHCP server during network initialization.
Automatic allocation: The DHCP server permanently assigns a free IP address to a requesting client from the range defined by the administrator.
After you get to your router’s IP address and you have a user name and password prompt, then type in the login name and password. Now go back and check to see what your current IP address is and the speed at which you can upload and download from the Internet using the online modem speed test. PS This particular problem I have personally seen, and have been able to rectify Internet connection speed issues using this technique.
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It starts with a MAC address that is assigned to the router or computer that is hooked up to the cable modem. In essence, another computer or a router provides a different MAC address than the one that was originally supplied to the Comcast modem. Using the router to clone the MAC address of another computer on the Intranet will then be seen at Comcast as a different computer, thus generating a new IP address. I suggest that once the MAC address is cloned to the router from the other computer, then reset the modem using the reset button. 7.Then, as per your instructions, I powered everything down and after 5 or so minutes I turned everything back on. First off, I suspect that you cloned the same MAC address that you originally had with the computer to begin with, and this MAC address was logged in to your ISP provider. Then I hooked the modem directly to a laptop instead of thru a router and got a new ip address. Finally after a month of combating comcast,them scratching their heads, this fixed my problem too. I say above, probably including the modem itself, has a MAC address, though I am not absolutely sure on that one. So, what happens when you assign a new MAC address, the DHCP server at Comcast assigns a new IP address. So, the bottom line is, in my opinion, there are cross-reference times, MAC addresses, and IP addresses that can track you online no matter what. If it is really a dynamic IP, then it is possible that the IP address is not based on the MAC address at the user’s end, and could simply be targeting the MAC address of the modem. Or, if you somehow got a static IP address that was assigned to you by Comcast, and you simply can not change it because it is fixed. The Comcast modem and the router that you have are integrated together in one hardware unit, and is apparently lacking the ability to clone MAC addresses.
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Having kit available at my disposable is great, but I have been wasting this resource when it’s not required by my workloads. VMware vSphere Distributed Power Management is a feature included with vSphere Enterprise and Enterprise Plus editions that dynamically optimizes cluster power consumption based on workload demands. IPMI is a hardware-level specification and Hewlett-Packard iLO is an embedded server management technology. To use IPMI or iLO and with vSphere Distributed Power Management, you must properly configure the host BMC. Before enabling Power Management for hosts in a vSphere cluster, it is necessary to gather the username and password for IP and MAC Address of the BMC.
In this post, the hosts in my Management Cluster use HP iLO 4 and I have captured both the IP and MAC Address used for their interfaces.
As mentioned previously, DPM leverages DRS when to migrates virtual machines away from hosts that are ready to be powered-off and marked as stand-by.
DPM-generated ratings are assigned priorities that range from priority-one to priority-five.
These levels signify the expected importance of particular recommendations given the current utilization of hosts across the cluster and constraints, if any, on powered-on capacity. Hence a recommendation with the higher priority level presents a more attractive opportunity for power savings.
In manual mode, DPM power recommendations are displayed in the vSphere Web Client, allowing an administrator to choose the response action.
The selected DPM automation level is applied to all hosts in the cluster as seen when selecting the Host Options.
After enabling and running DPM, you can verify that it is functioning by viewing each host’s Last Time Exited Standby information displayed in the Host Options of the cluster’s Settings. The outcome of DPM is to keep host utilization within a target range, subject to the constraints specified by the DPM operating parameters and those of both vSphere HA and DRS. DPM evaluates CPU and memory utilization for each host in the cluster and tries to keep the host within a specific range.
Examine the ability to streamline your data center operations and save energy with vSphere DPM.
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It seems as though some of the IP addresses provided by the automatic DHCP configuration at Comcast produce a very slow Internet connection.
Then reboot the cable modem, and if everything went OK, the ISP provider’s DHCP system will assign another IP address for your Internet service automatically. This is however an informal term, as a sticky IP does not differ in any way from other dynamic IP address. Since the modems are often online for extended periods of time, the leases on the IP addresses are commonly renewed, and therefore may not change.
There are four modes of operation: dynamic allocation, automatic allocation, static allocation, and manual allocation.

The request-and-grant process uses a lease concept with a controllable time periods, allowing the DHCP server to reclaim (and then reallocate) IP addresses that are not renewed (dynamic re-use of IP addresses).
This is like dynamic allocation, but the DHCP server keeps a table of past IP address assignments, so that it can preferentially assign to a client the same IP address that the client previously had. Only requesting clients with a MAC address listed in this table will be allocated an IP address.
If you have a router installed after your Comcast modem, then this next procedure is very easy to get the Comcast system to dynamically generate a new IP address.
Once this MAC address is synced up with the cable modem, the Comcast DHCP system assigns the IP address to the online outlet. Those specific router links will open in a new window or tab, or right click from your browser to open in a new window or tab so you can follow the instructions at the same time you log-in to your router.
Hopefully you have changed the user name and password for security purposes (and wrote them down) when you first set up the router and changed them from the default settings. If there’re multiple computers involved, could you please detail the steps at what point each are used? This new MAC address triggers a new IP address from Comcast when seen from the Comcast DHCP system.
Note that there are some programs available that can generate a random but valid MAC address. Entered in made up numbers in the mac clone blanks and released, renewed, reset the modem, release & renewed again and then had a totally different ip. A Media Access Control address (MAC address) is a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications on the physical network segment.
However, I do know, that the modem itself is registered with Comcast, with some unique identifier, which is tied to a particular physical address location. Sometimes, if you switch back to the old MAC address, before the IP lease is up, and before the IP address is reassigned to someone else, the DHCP server at Comcast will reassign the old IP address to you.
It all depends on how long Comcast or any other internet service provider keeps this information on hand. Maybe they figure it more likely that in Business class setup, that the business customer would be adding a router and many other computers, and therefore business customers are less likely to maintain the same attached computer directly to the modem and Comcast doesn’t want the system to keep reassigning IP addresses for that reason. I found a very very informative forum talking specifically about Comcast Business Class and more specifically about using a different modem other than the modem supplied by Comcast. ALL, I said ALL of the major manufacturers of DOCSIS 3 cable modems will only sell exclusively with multisystem system operators (MSO’s) aka your “cable company” and cut out consumers. On the other hand, I imagine that Amazon has a number of reviews and comments that would be helpful to read over when trying to select your ultimate new modem. It is also possible that you had the computer’s MAC address in the Comcast system to begin with. I have been using a Reliance Netconnect modem, and i want to change my IP address when connecting with my laptop and PC but something is different. One task thats quite common (and one I came across this week)  is wanting to set a static IP address. When host CPU and memory resources are lightly used, DPM recommends the evacuation of workloads and powers-off of ESXi hosts. Each of them describes and provides an interface for remotely monitoring and controlling computers.
I have also designated a user that is allowed to perform only “Virtual Power and Reset” operations. Priority ratings are based on the amount of over- or under-utilization found in the DRS cluster and the improvement that is expected from the intended host power state change. Similar to the DRS Threshold, you can set the DPM Threshold using the slider to set either a [Conservative]-level, an [Aggressive]-level or anywhere in between. Power-on recommendations generated to meet HA or optional user-specified powered-on capacity requirements receive priority-one rankings. Host power-on recommendations produced by DRS as prerequisites for DRS migrations also receive priority levels. This field shows a timestamp and whether vCenter Server Succeeded or Failed the last time it attempted to bring the host out of standby mode. DPM evaluates host power-on operations when there are hosts whose utilization is above this range and host power-off operations when there are hosts whose utilization is below the range.
For power-on the period is 300 seconds (5 Minutes) and power off is 2400 seconds (40 Minutes.) Therefore, DPM considers more important responses to increased load.
The most serious potential error you may face when using DPM is the failure of a host to exit standby mode when its capacity is needed by the cluster.
If you use monitoring software, other than vCenter Server, that triggers alarms when ESXi hosts are powered-off unexpectedly, you might have a situation where false alarms are generated when DPM places a host into standby mode. As an accomplished enterprise architect and technologist his focus is enabling customers and VMUG community members to accelerate and simplify their infrastructure services and organizations through the Software-Defined Data Center and the VMware Validated Designs. Getting a new dynamically generated IP address from the Comcast system can help improve your connection upload and download speeds issue.
When a computer is configured to use the same IP address each time it powers up, this is known as a Static IP address. If you do not have a router, I strongly suggest you get one to have an extra firewall between your computer and the Internet. However, if the MAC address is changed, the Comcast DHCP system assigns a new IP address to the online outlet, because it thinks it is a different location. Here is a PDF document link to brand and model specific default router information list of Manufacturers, Models, User Names, Passwords, and Default IP addresses. The browser is your window into the router’s operating system and allows you to login and set up the router using the internal configuration program.
Then reboot the cable modem, and if everything went OK, the ISP provider's DHCP system will assign another IP address for your Internet service automatically. Also, at what point do I press the reset button on the modem (as opposed to rebooting it?). MAC addresses are used for numerous network technologies and most IEEE 802 network technologies including Ethernet. Now, the way the Comcast DHCP server assigns IP addresses seems to be dependent on the end user’s MAC address of either a computer hooked up to the cable modem, or an attached router assigned MAC address, which triggers the Comcast DHCP network server to assign an IP address.
Broadband Reports has a topic titled, [Business] Does Comcast Business still allow non-SMC modems? So far I have found that NETGEAR, MOTOROLA, CISCO (Scientific-Atlanta) and SMC all have DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem equipment available, but are only selling exclusively to MSO’s. I would try cloning another computer’s MAC address into your router such as a laptop and see what happens with the complete shut down, reset, and restart. Simply type that IP address into your local browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Crome, Safari) top address bar on the PC or laptop you are working on, and if that is the correct address for the modem, it will allow you to login with a user name and password. No matter what direction life takes us in, always striving to do it to the best of our abilities is key to success. Just ask my kids who I chase from room to room turning off lights, screens, and the lot when they aren’t using them.
If a host supports multiple protocols, they are used in the following order: IPMI, iLO, WOL.
Now, with IPMI, you must also ensure that the BMC LAN channel is configured to be always available and to allow operator-privileged commands. Priority-one recommendations are mandatory, while a priority-five recommendations only provide only slight improvement. Each level you move the vSphere DPM Threshold slider to the right allows the inclusion of one more lower level of priority in the set of recommendations that are executed automatically or appear as recommendations to be manually executed.

A high priority level (priority-two) for a power-off recommendation signifies a larger amount of underutilized, powered-on capacity in the cluster. Power-on recommendations produced to address high host utilization are rated as either priority-two or priority-three, with the higher priority level indicating that overall host utilization is closer to saturation. The DRS priority levels do not correspond to DPM priority levels and are governed by the setting for the DRS migration threshold. Note however that a sudden increase in the load will be be considered by DPM only after 5 minutes and will initiate a resolution after the host complete its power-on operation in the cluster. You can monitor for instances when this error occurs by using the preconfigured Exit Standby Error alarm in vCenter Server. To alleviate false positives, work with your vendor to deploy a version of the monitoring software that is integrated with vCenter Server and triggers events indicating that a host has entered DPM-initiated Standby mode. Note: The source website server is also a factor for upload and download speeds to your computer.
In contrast, in situations when the computer’s IP address is assigned automatically, it is known as a Dynamic IP address.
However, if you have Comcast Business Internet Service Class with a static IP address or have requested and pay for a static IP address with your home Internet service provider, the only way to change this is for Comcast, other cable companies, or DSL service providers to do it on their end. Note, before attempting this procedure on your router, I suggest you print this information out for reference. Find the area of the configuration program (usually a tab or hyper-link) where you can clone your MAC address and perform a clone to a new MAC address. Give it a try with your Internet Service Provider and let our readers know if it works for your DSL or Cable ISP company. Logically, MAC addresses are used in the Media Access Control protocol sub-layer of the OSI reference model. This IP address seems to be assigned in a lease arraignment, relative to the MAC address and the cable modem. You are only changing the MAC address of the Linksys router if you clone a MAC address on the Linksys router itself.
The forum article thread covers the topic extremely well from start to finish about adding a different modem to Comcast Business Class.
DRS will ensure host power recommendations are consistent with the cluster constraints and resources being managed by the cluster. Otherwise, plaintext-based authentication is used if the BMC reports it is supported and enabled.
For example if the cluster has hosts configured with 24 GHz and 128 GB setting the parameters 24001 MHz and 131073 MB will reserve 2 hosts running at all time. If DPM cannot bring a host out of standby mode, you can configure this alarm to send an alert email to the administrator or to send notification using an SNMP trap. Alternatively you may use vCenter Server as your host monitoring solution as it is inherently aware of DPM and does not trigger these false positive alarms. This means that if your modem is turned off for several days or more, the IP address goes back to a group of IP addresses to be automatically reassigned to other users.
If a person were to hook up a different computer directly to the cable modem, it is likely that a new IP address would be assigned by powering down and then up again the cable modem.
Note that not all MAC addresses are valid, and the system seems know which MAC addresses are valid and which ones are not.
On receiving a valid request, the server assigns the computer an IP address, a lease (length of time the allocation is valid), and other IP configuration parameters, such as the subnet mask and the default gateway. Apparently, the simple answer is, yes you can install a different modem on Comcast Business Class.
Some of these companies have gotten angry and upset that I’ve asked them about this question. If neither MD5 nor plaintext-based authentication is enabled, IPMI cannot be used with the host and vCenter Server attempts to use the WoL protocol. Even with default values, when HA cluster is enabled, DPM will leave 2 hosts powered on to provide fail over resources in case of one host failing. By default, this alarm is cleared after vCenter Server is able to successfully connect to that host. Turning off the modem for short periods of time will not reset the leased IP address because the modem is assigned the IP address based on the original computer’s MAC address. Once a MAC address is generated, and if the router is between the computer and the cable modem, you would need to enter the new MAC address manually into the router and then completely reboot the router, and then reset the cable modem from the reset button. In essence, I suspect Comcast keeps track of all the IP addresses that have been assigned to the particular cable modem, and the dates of when those IP addresses were assigned. From the standpoint of Internet marketing and online advertising, having a website with good Internet exposure is one of the key factors on being discovered for your keywords.
Every type of networking hardware has a unique code that is the Media Access Control address or MAC address for short. Once the cloning of the MAC address is done, then you can try a release IP address and renew IP address in the router’s programming structure.
Turning off the cable modem and turning it back on does not necessarily completely reset the modem. This feature allows the user to make the router look like any one of the computers that reside on the premises. Also try logging in to your router with a different browser like Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, Camino, SeaMonkey, Flock, and others.
If that doesn’t work, then do a Google Search for your particular router brand and model number IP address.
If after finding the correct IP address for your router, but still can not get a login screen prompt, you might have to do a hard reset of the router’s firmware settings (usually a recessed button).
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