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My English Grammar students want to carry on a conversation at the same pace as the English speaker. It was very useful to native language guys who are hesitate to speak in English.This effort was very helpful to understand and grasp in orderly and efficiently. These are really good tips.Yes, like a child we should start speaking in small words and small strings. When you are attending a social event, a function or ceremony, you interact with a lot of people.

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English is not your mother tongue or you are hesitant because of your nature (and personality), as you may not be too confident and think a lot before you speak. It will not be too long before you start speaking longer sentences as your brain-lip coordination will get better and English will become your own language. But, once you start practising, be sure that you will effortlessly speak English in future.

By just speaking a few words and letting the other person speak, you will be liked for being a good listener and the other guy will enjoy the conversation. There will not be any hesitation or hitch and you will be able to express yourself like a native speaker.
If you are really interesting in the language and have a passion for it, you will gather them.

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