Today, we are going to discuss some techniques how you can become fluent in English without studying boring grammar or wasting time on English language software. Most importantly, these techniques are practical things you can try on your now time without the help of an English tutor or trainer. Also, textbooks are full of grammar rules so your head gets filled with thousands of grammar rules and  their exceptions.
Additionally, Audiobooks are a great way to learn new vocabulary.  By learning with your ears, you learn new words and you learn their correct pronunciation. Lastly, English audiobooks allow you to immerse yourself in the English language in a very convenient way. Are you wasting hours and hours cramming the dictionary but finding that you can’t recall those words when speaking in English?
There is a big difference between knowing the meaning of words and been able to use them correctly in real life situations. What ever direction you go with, try to get an English teacher who gives you enough opportunities to speak in English during class.
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Textbooks are useful when you are learning history or biology but when it comes to learning a language textbooks add little value.  Most English language textbooks are full of fake “dialogues” (conversations) that never really happen in real life. Do you want a teacher who corrects you all the time or a teacher who allows you to speak without interruption?

If you interrupts and corrects you all the time, you will not get enough time to speak English. If your goal is to become more accurate in using English, pick a English teacher who teachers a lot of grammar. Situated near Rodeo Drive, the Residence Inn by Marriott Beverly Hills offers charming relaxation in the middle of a bustling city.
These methods will also help you immerse in the English language and develop confidence in speaking English. You will hear natural pronunciation and slang expressions more commonly used by native English speakers.
Do you want a teacher who teachers grammar and vocabulary or a teacher who gives me conversation practice?
But if your goal is to become more fluent, you have to pick a Conversation partner style teacher who gives you more opportunities to speak in class. Often the first encounter, you understand that your interaction can set the tone for the entire guest experience and potentially impact the entire brand! The spacious suites at our Beverly Hills hotel feature separate sleeping and living areas, a fully-equipped kitchen with refrigerator, and 32-inch flat panel televisions.
You know how to read and write well in English, skills you learnt in school, where English was taught as a secondary language.
This is the only way your brain gets used to using different words and putting them together in sentences, real time.

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Delight in the home-inspired amenities of our Marriott hotel in Beverly Hills, including a full, in-suite kitchen, microwave and coffee maker.
Business and extended stay travelers will appreciate complimentary wireless Internet access. Whether guests are here to work or play, the Residence Inn by Marriott Beverly Hills warmly invites visitors to make themselves at home.

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