Nuclear power and renewable energy including wind, solar and biomass are commonly proposed as a cure for climate change.
Energy solutions are not a simple matter though, and their implementation in practice doesn’t always work as one has calculated in advance. The graph shows total greenhouse gas emissions from energy production in France and Germany since 1960 (level set at 100 for 1960). One of the factors causing renewable energy strategy to not produce a benefit in Germany has been the need to increase burning of coal due to downscaling of nuclear power. We have proof that nuclear power causes a radical decrease in emissions and produces cheap electricity. Ever wonder how your tiny carbon footprint really impacts the big picture of climate change?
Take a few minutes to contact your political representatives and the media to tell them you want immediate action on climate change. Ask your utility to switch your account to clean, renewable power, such as from wind farms. Carbon taxes make polluting activities more expensive and green solutions more affordable, allowing energy-efficient businesses and households to save money.
Transportation causes about 25 per cent of Canada's greenhouse gas emissions, so walk, cycle or take transit whenever you can.
Many organizations, including the David Suzuki Foundation, are working hard on solutions to climate change and rely on financial support from citizens like you. The findings show the importance of creating strategies that are ecosystem based or do not destroy nature.
For more great science stories and general news, please visit our sister site, Headlines and Global News (HNGN). Mars Base Camp is about to set up a laboratory in Mars orbit by the year 2028, therefore astronauts are needed to be sent there to work by 2028. On May 16, 2016, the NASA-funded MinXSS CubeSat deployed from an airlock of the International Space Station to enter an orbit around Earth. Kepler Telescope's successor named TESS will be on a mission to find another planet like Earth in 2017. The Curiosity rover's stay on the alien planet provides scientists a detailed information of the changes in the planet. Zika Bill is set to be approved in Congress, to provide emergency funds worth $1.1 billion to fight the virus. A new chemical creation from IBM has shown promising results against a bevy of viruses in lab testing. A new study offers clues why chronic pain lasts even if the cause of the injury has already been gone.

Seizures can be prevented through a type of drug that slows down the production of estrogen and also used for the breast cancer treatment. Scientists are still studying the effects of giraffes, and why they have long necks to begin with. NASA used their satellites as part of the agency’s effort to feed the birds on migrating season. Earth has dealt with a very hot temperature, recording a scorching streak of warm months that has increased to seven. Primeval volcanic debris from Solomon Islands and Canada can help researchers gain more insight into the creation of our planet.
A large number of Australia's eastern grey kangaroos will be culled in a project that will span over two months. Sustainable T-Shirt Mar 31, 16 02:46 PMYou can now have a sustainable t-shirt made from recycled plastic water bottles!
The Second Largest Rainforest Bosawas, Nicaragua, Is in Danger Mar 25, 16 11:50 PMIn 1997 the government created the Bosawas Biosphere Reserve, in the northeastern area of Nicaragua, Central America. The Truth About Wind Power Mar 18, 16 08:34 PMToday, cities, states, countries and companies around the world are increasingly turning to wind energy to power their everyday lives. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. With a few simple changes, we can all help to reduce our impact on the planet and preserve it for future generations. Many politicians are campaigning with enthusiasm for their favorite strategy, often with a hand smoothly reaching for the taxpayer’s wallet. There can be surprises in the price, reliable availability and scalability of an energy source in production.
France built up nuclear power plants to generate the majority of its electricity between 1980-1988.
Turning off nuclear power is part of the renewable energy package advocated by most politicians. The consumer price of electricity in Germany is about 24 eurocents per kWh, one of the highest in Europe.
Meanwhile, renewable energy in Europe has not been able to reduce emissions in practice, but has resulted in very expensive electricity.
Whether you save it on your desktop, share it with friends, or stick a copy on your fridge (PDF), this quick reference guide breaks down what you can do today to protect the planet for future generations.
Remind them that reducing greenhouse gas emissions will also build healthier communities, spur economic innovation and create new jobs.
Keep stuff out of landfills by composting kitchen scraps and garden trimmings, and recycling paper, plastic, metal and glass.

Before you book your next airline ticket, consider greener options such as buses or trains, or try vacationing closer to home.
Consider making a donation today by calling 1-800-453-1533 or by visiting our secure website.
Scientists have found that ozone doesn't necessarily promote the decline of natural ecosystems. In addition, many forests in the Congo Basin in Africa are being cleared for agriculture in response to drought, and coral reefs are being destroyed to build sea walls from the low-lying islands in Melanesia. In addition, coral reefs can reduce wave energy by an average of 97 percent, providing a more cost-effective defense from storm surges than engineered structures. According to studies, climate change will lead to more contaminated food, a further decrease in food supplies, and will cause food prices to rise even higher. Germany, on the other hand, has invested heavily in renewable energy sources since 2001 in the name of Energiewende. Meanwhile, ten years of heavy investment in renewable energy in Germany has produced no change in the level of emissions.
And next time you're at the polls, vote for politicians who support effective climate policies.
Let store managers and manufacturers know you want products with minimal or recyclable packaging. You can also stay in touch with people by videoconferencing, which saves time as well as travel and accommodation costs. Host a presentation for your community or workplace by requesting a presenter trained by Al Gore from The Climate Project Canada.
If you can't go car-free, try carpooling or car sharing, and use the smallest, most fuel-efficient vehicle possible. In addition, coastal ecosystems such as mangroves and tidal marshes provided a more cost-effective and ecologically sound alternative to buffering storms than conventional coastal engineering solutions. In addition to the direct costs, renewable energy receives vast amount of support from German taxpayers. And a home energy audit is cheaper than you think — book one today to find even more ways to save energy.

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