View photo.But like many low-lying nations across the world, Palau is threatened by the effects of climate change and sea-level rise.
As Palau's legal initiative at the United Nations gained momentum, the United States emerged as its biggest critic.
This band of several hundred islands is home to some of the world's most stunning marine life, and to the twenty thousand people who live there.

Palau's coasts are being eroded, its local farmlands tainted by seawater, and its valuable reefs threatened.
Palau has crafted a novel legal strategy at the United Nations to try to hold the industrialized world accountable for the damage caused by greenhouse gas emissions, which most scientists say are driving climate change. Palau was the site of major battles between the United States and Japan during World War II, and wreckage from that war can still be found scattered all over the islands.

In exchange for the exclusive right to potentially put military bases on the islands, the U.S.

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