In the last 12 months, I’ve witnessed a huge increase in the interest we have in teaching children mindfulness. Compared to how this was 12 years ago when I first had a hunch we should be doing this… well it is simply astounding. So for me, meditation covers everything that we can use to help this heart-felt connection. As we continuously do this, we sense peace through the freedom we have to surrender to the moment (rather than the judgement of how life should be).
This paper by Jon Kabat-Zinn makes interesting reading about a man who was trying to make mindfulness practice accessible to American society.
I find it all fascinating and hope that it inspires you to be flexible with your attitude to meditation.
When we teach children meditation, this open-heart basis is the key to what I show people through the Connected Kids programme. Many who attend have been practising for years, yet they can come with a rigid view of how meditation should be. Connected kids online - teaching children meditation, Do you want to learn how to teach children meditation? Hot Teaching children meditation Reviews and Bonus Limited Time, Learn how to teach toddlers to teens meditation and mindfulness from expert and author of calm kids - includes help with autism and adhd or other special needs.
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Discount How to teach meditation to kids - become the happiest Purchase Online - My daughter is still very young (under two) but she likes to go watch our altar with me. Discount Meditation and children - yoga journal Purchase Online - Yoga, meditation, and spirituality can set a child's future on a nourishing and creative course. Best and most comprehensive mutli-media online Meditation Teacher's Training and Certification Program. Anand Meditation : A revolutionary technique of meditation that will totally change your inner being!

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Lorraine will show you how to help children  feel calmer, more peaceful and develop their emotional intelligence to support their self esteem. The on-line course (approx 12 to 18 hours of study) covers everything which Lorraine teaches in her level 1 face-to-face Connected Kids™ course. Expert advice – enjoy video clips of the author and expert, Lorraine Murray, sharing useful tips to help you teach children mindfulness and meditation.
Practical – listen to Lorraine describe different meditation and mindfulness methods that work with children of all ages. Technical Support – if you need some extra help getting started or using the online course, we have experts to help you.
Live support – al through the course, there are opportunities to ask questions by email, via our online discussion forum or our virtual classroom sessions.
Certificate of Completion – at the end of the online course you will receive an email containing your certificate of completion.
The 2-day course includes assessment and more indepth information suited to those who wish to take the course to a professional level.  This level is offered throughout the UK, Ireland, Denmark. ILA funding can be used toward level 1 (online or in person) or will pay for ?200 of level 2.
I am a mum of three kids and particularly interested in meditation for my 5&6 year old girls. My meditation teacher, the late Kim McManus, taught meditation groups to help with spiritual development. The latter was seen as being religious whereas mindfulness was not – I found this fascinating that such a difference existed!

The intention is to help remove the fog or distraction of these so that we can connect to a well of inner-peace inside.
Not with a rigid attitude but with an open-hearted, gentle, curious approach to meditation.
As soon as we try to define it by wrapping it up with words, we contain it and meditation (like us) is limitless. Fortunately they always leave with their heart centre more open to the potential within this universe.
Hot 5 tips teach children mindfulness & meditation Reviews and Bonus Limited Time, Meditation and mindfulness were commonly seen as adult “pursuits” for many years, but that has all started to change.
You will have lifetime support to some of the exercises to help you keep up your teaching practise and full access to the online course materials for 6 months (extensions are available). Or for our overseas customers (to avoid a 6 week wait for delivery of the book) we suggest you take this option and buy the book via Amazon or the Book Depository or in the kindle format). However the by-products of this were improved self esteem, energy levels and an amazing sense of trust in our heart-felt intuition. The work of Deepak Choprah and Oprah Winfrey have also helped to demystify meditation so that we aren’t spending hours meditating in strange seated positions but taking 10 minutes out of our day to re-connect. I encourage those practising meditation to consider different approaches; to treat each with a gentle and compassionate awareness. Then I would practise working with the energy centres (chakras) and recently have taken myself on mindfulness courses to find other ways to meditate. When they do, this allows them to connect to children in a way that is meaningful, light, loving and quite profound. Hot How teach meditation kids - happiest Reviews and Bonus Limited Time, My daughter is still very young (under two) but she likes to go watch our altar with me.

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