I’m a senior in college, single, loving it, and have just as many girlfriends as random sexual escapades (almost). I always have someone to laugh with, cry with, and get bagels at 10 in the morning when I’m hungover with. Being a single, senior with my chicas is exactly how I want to spend my last year in college. Ok Casey, well let's hope for your sake that he never dumps you and you are then suddenly missing a part of yourself.
Well, I guess you never will have that feeling then, since you apparently don't believe in giving relationships your all.
This is the kind of relationship you have with a person when you actually put your whole heart into it.
I know I shouldn't reply to the troll, but I just had to respond to this, "Casey- If everything happens for a reason, why would all of your terrible childhoods events happened to you? My boyfriend is my BFF too (he hates it when I call him that lol) I'm like Miriam, I spend most of my time with him and I love it.

Both kind of women have good and bad things about them but the fact of the matter is that you refuse to love yourselves in many of your relationships which cuases problems for both of these prefrence types. Maybe that’s not saying too much about my ex’s, but the power of the female friendship amazes me, especially in college.
Although I tried to split time between the BF and the BFFs, I definitely ended up sacrificing girl time for the boyfriend. I love being single and being able to go out with my girls, have fun, and not have to worry about a bf who will get jealous if a guy even looks at me too long or something ridiculous.
I've met maybe one or two girls throughout my entire life who have actually treated me well.
I used to have a pack of girlfriends but they caused so much drama, I just stick to having guy friends now. But now, after staying single in college, I never have to make the sacrifice of feeling lonely just because I don’t have a boyfriend. I love hanging with them and not for the sex, but for the interesting differnces we all have.

Lets face it, girls in relationships want to put down single girls because we are jealous of your freedom. My best friend now is my boyfriend, and he's pretty much the only person I ever spend time with. Most of us have a preference on which sex we prefer to hang with and that reflects through who we're friends with. Single girls want to put down girls in relationships because they are jealous that we have found a loving relationship (no offense -nothing like the relationship we have with our girlfriends).
I've lost too many girlfriends because of this stupid relationship girls versus single girls bullshit. We have our main group of friends, which is how we met, and then we each have our own friends that we go out with occasionally.

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