Although Yahoo does not offer a way to recover your account password, the company does provide a Password Helper service to help you reset your password. Step 3Select the radio button next to the alternate email address where you want Yahoo to send the password reset message and then click Next.
If you don't remember your password and Yahoo ID, you need to recover your Yahoo ID before you can reset your password. You also need to enter your new password in all email clients -- both mobile and desktop -- that you use to access your Yahoo messages.
It is important to keep your Yahoo password secure because it is the gateway to all of your secure Yahoo services, such as Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Calendar and your Yahoo Account Information page. Yahoo may prompt you to reset your password if suspicious activity is detected on your account, such as mass emails and unusual login activity. Tip: Outlook 2010 is just an email "client" - this means that it is a desktop program that works by connecting to an online service, namely your email provider.
From the main window, click on the "File" menu (button on the left of all tabs in the ribbon).
The "Office 2010 Backstage View" will open, and display various buttons: the "Info" tab should be automatically selected on the left (if not, click on it). Outlook 2010 will then open a dialog that looks familiar to anyone who has used the past few versions of Microsoft Outlook: the "E-mail" tab will be automatically selected, and display a listing of all email accounts you have already setup in Outlook.

Under "Logon Information", notice that your current password is filled in as asterisks (stars), to prevent someone else from following these steps and finding out what your password is. Erase the current value inside the "Password" text field, and type in the new one in its place; since you are only typing it once (as opposed to having a second, confirmation field), pay particular attention to typos, which you won't see since only asterisks are showing!Optionally check or uncheck the "Remember password" checkbox.
Once you've changed password, click on the "Test Account Settings": Outlook 2010 will generate a sample email, and automatically send it to yourself (the email address in question), and then see if it receives it, also using the new credentials.
Once you have changed email password and confirmed that it worked properly, click on the "Next" button, and click on "Finish" to save the new settings and return to Outlook. You can use the service for a relatively benign reason, such as forgetting your account password, or a more serious reason -- such as a prompt from Yahoo to reset your password because of unusual account activity. Yahoo sends a message containing a link to the Yahoo Password Reset page to the selected email address. Select the Show Password check box to verify you entered the same password in both fields and then click Next to set your new password.
In addition, if you discover any warning signs that your account has been hacked, such as failing to receive emails, changes to your account and unexplained messages in your Sent folder, reset your password immediately. But in Outlook 2010, the ribbon is used everywhere, which makes finding options and settings more challenging. So, before changing you email password in Outlook, you'll need to have updated your email account itself.

Just double-click on the one whose password you want to change, and you'll get a summary screen of that account. The Password Helper requires you to verify your identity -- such as clicking the link in Yahoo's Reset email from your registered alternate email account -- before you can reset your password.
If you registered a mobile number with your account, the option to send a verification text to your cell phone also appears on this page. Click the This Link text link in the body of the message to open the Yahoo Password Reset page. In this tutorial, we will show you how to change password for various email accounts in Outlook 2010.
No warranty expressed or implied;use our website resources at your own risk, and use common sense when dealing with online security - never share your user name and password or publish them online.

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