As exciting as it sounds to make a midlife career change, the reality is that you may find it's one of the hardest things you have ever done. As my agent, he has negotiated books and other products that are authentic to myself and the other participants. Your kindness to me and John and your attention to detail was extraordinary and deeply appreciated.
Anthony has a very comfortable approach, and his manner is open which has allowed me to reflect and generate more insight from the choices I make in my life and the actions I take on those as well.
Your ability to ask the right questions to get at the heart of the goal is terrific and your focus on that goal is much appreciated. He also seems to be constantly thinking of new ways to promote this book, new twists on the topic for each particular venue. The t-shirt which he designed was a very popular item at this event as well as the National TV Special. Merilyn Hill is an experienced professional speaker, coach and consultant who is excited by the emerging trends that are re-defining work, life and retirement options and uses her expertise to create positive outcomes for both individuals and organisations through Midlife Design.
MIDLIFE DESIGN facilitates growth and change for people dealing with career and life choices. Benson has served in many capacities for my corporation over the last two decades, but the main title I would give him is helmsman. As my publicist, he has significantly increased awareness of my work amongst my target audiences.

In the appointment we addressed my goals, priorities, and personal & professional presentation. While her primary location is Cairns, Merilyn travels or uses phone based coaching to share purposeful strategies with others. Previously as the Human Resources Executive with World Vision Australia, she  specialised in performance management, organisational and leadership development.
As the true leader of my business, he has also made sure that I live a balanced, happy lifea€”for my most precious priorities are my children and time off for good behavior, once in a while. I was able to assess my commitment to the many facets of my vision through the discussion and also discover factors that I didn't even know were there.
He has placed me on television, radio stations around the nation, syndicated radio, and at a number of bookstores.
In the nearly two years that I have known Anthony, he has proven himself to be one of the most professional, knowledgeable and effective people I have come across in the field.
DISCOVERY FEST was a magnificent, successful, important productiona€“efficiently coordinated, planned and executed. He has placed me on television, radio stations around the nation, syndicated radio, and atA  a number of bookstores.
DISCOVERY FESTA  was a magnificent, successful, important productiona€“efficiently coordinated, planned and executed.
I appreciate Anthonya€™s years of experience in the media and promotion fields, because he offers things that go beyond what I would expect.

The breadth of his expertise and creativity never cease to amaze me, and he always seems to know exactly which avenues to take to illicit the greatest response, and the best ways to execute his ideas. I am the author of nine books, an international speaker, consultant, and A-level workaholic, and I have trusted him with my business in all capacities, a huge vote of confidence, as it is my life blood and passion. Utilizing Anthonya€™s skills on a projecta€“whether it be as a consultant, writer or publicista€“would undoubtedly be an invaluable and integral part of making any venture a success. From the standpoint of a presenter, I want you to know that I am truly impressed with your talent, your ability to work with people, and your charming personalitya€“on the phone and in person. As my business manager and career strategist, he has completely transformed my company from a fledgling business into a highly successful one. I appreciate the publicity you gave me and my book as well as the kind and caring treatment, from phone calls to limo ride. Not only did he secure talent, but he was very actively involved in ticket sales, publicity, logistics and pre-event planning. He was very attentive to making sure that our organization paid the minimum for all services such as printing and t-shirts.

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