Instead of writing it off before you’ve even given it a go, approach the concept with a more open mind, try it out and see what happens. There are a number of meditation apps that can be downloaded via your PC, tablet or smart phone that we recommend to our students and social media followers.
Blissify Me is another good app for beginners. There is calming music playing in the background which immediately helps you to relax. I remember being mildly horrified when Davie first suggested that I consider daily meditation. I started using mindfulness after being advised to by Davie but found it to be more useful than I thought it was going to be. Once you know how to be mindful, apps like I Can Be Fearless (give his voice a chance, you’ll get used to it after a while.
Reluctantly, I decided to start using a mindfulness app after being encouraged by Davie, namely I Can Be Fearless, but straight away I started to see the benefits and soon forgot all my apprehensions.  This really helped me to unlock my potential, sleep better, understand me better and just feel better in general as I no longer had the cloudy, traffic-congestion feeling going on in my head on a daily basis. If you are feeling nervous, worried, upset or stressed out about something, tune in to one of these meditation apps and we guarantee that you will feel a whole lot better in half an hour’s time. Yet with investing legends like Ray Dalio and Bill Gross, CFA, embracing the discipline and business schools adding it to their curriculum, it is becoming an increasingly meaningful tool in the investment toolkit. Ng Kok Song, former group chief investment officer of the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC), and Jason Voss, CFA, discuss the value meditation can bring to investors, both personally and professionally, in a recent Take 15 interview. One of the central components of meditation is the sounding of a word, or mantra, to center attention. Ng says that understanding meditation as a discipline is crucial, and identifies three essential aspects to the practice.
According to Ng, by allowing one to emerge with a clear mind, meditation can help investment professionals — and anyone who practices it — see the underlying truth of their situations.
I have tried many different apps and depending on how I feel or what type of meditation I want to have, I will choose the correct app. You are encouraged early on in the meditation to choose a focus word or phrase to help you remember what your goal is and why you are taking the time to meditate in the first place. I had pre-conceived ideas of what it would entail, all of which turned out to be very wrong. It is particularly helpful because you can tap into it throughout the day if you are feeling stressed or uptight. I now go between several apps and I would recommend to anyone just starting out to give this a chance and find one that works well for you.
We would encourage anyone and everyone to take some time out of their day to relax and focus on themselves and nothing else. He says that by meditating “we are transcending our ego, we are transcending our habitual mode of self-centeredness,” adding that the key is “not to perceive meditation as a complicated technique, as an esoteric practice — it is radically simple.

As such, they should not be construed as investment advice, nor do the opinions expressed necessarily reflect the views of CFA Institute or the author’s employer. Traditionally, it has been labelled as a discipline practiced by happy-clappy hippies who were trying to be at one with nature. Even celebrities are getting in on the action and raving about the associated benefits of taking 3-20 minutes out of your day just to chill out and concentrate on breathing. A student of DMC passed it on to Davie to have a try and the main journey of Davie’s progression through mindfulness techniques began. I only have this ability due to the fact I went through a detailed programme of mindfulness development via Headspace.
After trialling a number of apps, I have finally found the one that works best for me: Blissify Me.
However, the benefits that you feel after 20 minutes after one of his guided meditations are absolutely phenomenal and there is something for everybody at any stage during an emotional or mentally-pressured, stressful time. The importance behind allowing yourself to relax every day through meditation is explained in detail. It is important to remember the lessons it teaches you about stopping, breathing and taking your mind somewhere else. Mindfulness has not only become a massive part of my life but that of my students, too, and I am sure they will all agree with the above comments from me.
We live in a world dominated by technology to the point where it is rare to see someone sitting by themselves without some sort of electronic device in their hand.
So, naturally, many of the DMC coaches and students are initially quite perplexed when they are encouraged to practice mindfulness as part of their daily routine. The initial Headspace programme is called Take 10, lasting just 10 minutes and designed to break you in gently.
Heasdpace provides you with all the techniques that you need to be able to be mindful without a follow along in the ears. This app is designed to make you feel a lot more positive, confident and relaxed on a daily basis. It really helps to calm me down and I find it works best when I use it first thing in the morning. That is part of the beauty of meditation – it allows you to do nothing for 3-20 minutes of the day. Meditation is a fantastic way for you to step out of the storm caused on a day-to-day basis with all the tasks and responsibilities we have and the amount of traffic that goes through our minds. There are lovely videos and animations to watch, too, and a whole source of information on their website. Personally, my app of choice is I Can Be Motivated (from the creator of I Can Be Fearless). Being able to look above the storm to see the blue sky whilst sitting, relaxing and doing nothing except listening and breathing is a brilliant way to achieve this.

Once you finish Take 10, there is a progression in programmes, yet these need to be purchased following the inductory Take 10. His voice tickles your ears like a cold breeze on a hot summer day and through each stage of his programme, you develop greater skills and further knowledge. It reminds me of all the amazing things in my life and to be grateful for each and every one.
I know I can turn to my app if I am feeling down, stressed or a bit pissed off and I will feel ten times better 30 minutes down the line. There are other guided apps from this range and I would advise you check these out until you find the one that’s most effective for you. When was the last time you took some time just for you away from everybody and everything else to re-energise your cells with the first and most vital component of human existence i.e.
Not only is the Headspace app and awesome piece of kit; it was also voted top Health and Fitness app in 2013. Stop, sit still, connect with yourself on a physical, spiritual and emotional level and just be still in the moment, mindful and relaxed. I guarantee you will feel amazing and there are thousands of positive studies regarding the benefits of daily breathing.
In fact, there are no registered or recorded negative effects on the human mind of body from doing this. It doesn’t have to look like you, seated cross-legged with your index finger and thumb touching and resting on your lap, eyes closed, slight smile on your lips, noticing your breathing in a state of utter peacefulness and bliss. Or it could be you, riding your horse through a huge open field, noticing the connection you feel with him and the world around you.
Or you, laying in your bed, with a cat curled up in the bend of your knee, drifting off into sleep.Whatever it looks like for you, just start doing something. After all, the point is not to become The Buddha… the point is to make time to JUST BE every day. Even 5 minutes will make a huge difference!And, if you’re feeling ready to get started, this is perfect timing because The Chopra Center is starting their 21-Day Meditation Challenge and you can sign up for free!In case you were wondering… Yes! Kellam Companies, LLCWordPress SEO Send to Email Address Your Name Your Email Address Cancel Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

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